DIY Maintenance for Your Ducted Air Conditioner

Conventional air conditioners are known to need cleaning and maintenance every three months, but ducted air conditioners require little maintenance throughout the year. The return air grille needs to be cleaned every six months or when it becomes dirty. Some controllers display a filter on the screen to remind you of the air conditioners maintenance every six months.

Ducted air conditioners are used almost anywhere: offices, homes, malls, hotels, shopping complexes, and multi-storey buildings. They are installed in the roof and this can be done easily as they are fixed; they do not occupy space on the wall. The air is spread evenly through ducts in rooms where the unit is installed. What’s good about this type of air conditioning unit is a single machine is enough to control the temperature of an entire house or even two stories.

When the climate is extremely hot, a ducted air conditioning brisbane can provide dehumidification and cooling. During winter or on cold weather, it can heat a room up. Zone motors can be installed in different rooms and ducts to make the cooling and heating feature flexible and depending on your requirement.

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