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60 Stocking Stuffers For Women: Affordable, Practical Gifts

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Whether you’re hanging up chic, handmade stockings with everyone’s name on them every year, or you have the kind of family who loves to get out of town for a family vaca for the holidays, there’s nothing like a thoughtful stocking stuffer to gift the special people in your life—and no, you don’t need a stocking to gift one.

A good stocking stuffer can make an easy gift to buy your coworkers or neighbors. They’re also the perfect addition to any of the larger gifts you might be getting your loved ones. The best part about stocking stuffers? They’re affordable, making them perfect if you’re on a budget. You can even throw a few together in to a cute basket to make a full gift (perfect for that cousin who’s hard to shop for!).

The gifts below aren’t just fun, thoughtful, and affordable. They also happen to be practical gifts they’ll actually use. How many times have you unwrapped a gift only to know you’ll probably end up re-gifting it.

See below for 60 unique, practical, thoughtful, and budget-friendly (!) gifts to get every single person on your list:

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Best Overall

Facial Mask Variety 12-Pack

No matter who you are gifting, these cult-favorite masks are an essential. At just $15 for a pack of 12, pair one of these with every single gift you plan on giving this year. 


Best For The Spiritual Friend

How to Read Tarot: A Modern Guide

Althea Press


If you and your friends haven’t jumped on the tarot card bandwagon yet, this is your sign to do so. Get this book for your friend and they’ll just have to return the favor by giving you a free reading.


Best For The Bath Lover

Sleep Lavender + Fresh Mint Bath Salts

The Bathologist


These aren’t your basic bath salts. The Bathologist designed this blend with detoxing magnesium and nourishing essential oils for the best sleep of their life.


Best For The Headache-Prone

Heated/Cooling Gel Eye Mask



This year’s been a metaphorical headache for a lot of us, but anyone who actually suffers from serious migraines will love the soothing nature of this gel eye mask. It can be thrown in the microwave to be heated, or in the fridge for a more cooling effect. 

Bonus: It has a calming weight to it that feels great to fall asleep with.


Best For The Clean Skincare Lover

Organic Raw Unrefined Shea Butter

Sky Organics


Every true clean skincare lover knows how hard it is to find high quality, organic, raw, and unrefined shea butter. A key ingredient in lots of skincare and haircare products, this is going to be something they use head-to-toe alone or mixed into their own DIY beauty blends.


Best For The Gluten-Free Friend

Gluten-Free Artisan Bread Mix

Simple Mills


As a health-conscious carb lover myself, I’m obsessed with this bread mix. It’s a quick, easy way to get fresh bread at home. That gluten-free friend of yours will thank you for this one for a long time to come. Even better? Pair with this adorable pan for them to make holiday-themed bread rolls.


Best For The Makeup Minimalist

Glow Beautifying Face Oil



A true unicorn of face products, this jojoba and rose-infused face oil is where skincare and makeup meet. For the person who just doesn’t have time for makeup or prefers a more minimalist approach, this oil provides a natural, sun-kissed glow.


Best For The Oral Hygiene-Obsessed

Electric Tooth Brush+Teeth Whitening Gel Set

Go Smile


Who doesn’t want some pearly whites in time for NYE pics? This teeth-whitening set is perfect for the oral hygiene-obsessed. It’s made for sensitive teeth, too.


Best For The Morning Person

Own Your Morning Book

Liz Baker Plosser


Here at WH, our editors take their morning routines seriously. Who better to help you learn how to unlock your a.m. potential than our very own editor-in-chief, Liz Plosser?


Best For The Nike Fan

Nike Slides

Nike has a seriously devoted following of collectors, but while they’ve probably got every single sneaker launch marked on their calendar, they probably don’t have these fun, trendy slides yet.


Best For The Vegan Friend

Chocolate Covered Caramel Bites



Anyone who’s vegan knows how hard it can be to find candy that actually tastes good. These chocolate-covered caramels make a great addition to any gift you’re getting the vegan in your life. They’re kosher, too!


Best For The Makeup Maximalist

Makeup Brush Set

Real Techniques


You know that friend of yours who falls asleep watching hours of YouTube makeup tutorials? This set will become a daily go-to for them. 


Best For The One Who Needs A Vaca

Coconut Body Oil

Herbivore Botanicals


If you could bottle up the scent of a luxurious beach vaca, it would be this. Infused with orchids, jasmine, and camellias, this coconut oil is the closest you can get to actually sending them to a five-star hotel in St. Tropez.


Best For The Slippers Lover

Water Resistant Shearling Scuff Slipper



Available in six neutral colors, these are technically house slippers, but because they’re water resistant, you could even wear them out to run errands. 

At just $40, they’re definitely a budget-friendly alternative to *those* pricey slippers. Made with cushy memory foam and breathable shearling, they’re worth every penny to get yourself a matching set.


Best For The Skincare Junkie

Facial Cleansing Gift Set



Nobody needs two skincare brushes and some exfoliating soap like the person in your life who brags about their eight-step skincare routine. For under $10, this one’s a total bargain.


Best For The Haircare Lover

Hair Tool Kit

Pattern Beauty


From the Queen of hair herself, Tracee Ellis Ross curated this hair tool kit to work for every curly or textured hair scenario, from detangling in the shower to dry fluffing and styling. They’re all designed to be gentle on delicate curls, too.


Best For The Flower Lover

Le Mini Round Rose

Venus Et Fleur
Venus Et Fleur


Yes, these are those famous flowers that last forever. This rose will maintain its beautiful hue, shape, and scent for years to come. It makes a really special piece of decor in any home. 


Best For Your Mother Figure

Mama Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Little Words Project


If you looked at this and immediately thought of your mom or the mother figure(s) in your life, you know how happy it would make them to wear it. It makes a great gift to the new mom in your life, too. 


Best For The Sunset Lover

Sunset Lamp Projection Light



TikTok influencers have been raving about this tiny but mighty lamp. It mimics the look of a sunset for some of the coolest at-home photoshoots you can do. They make for a fun decor piece, too.


Best For The TikTok Famous Friend

UBeesize Phone Tripod



Speaking of TikTok—you know that friend who’s always trying to loop you in to filming dance routines with them? It’s about time they got themselves one of these beauties.


Best For The Tired One

Travel Noise Machine

Say goodbye to big, bulky noise machines. This portable, palm-sized noise machine has over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Happy customers (and sleepers!) love the sound quality and ease of use.


Best For The Vitamin Lover

Pill Box



This makes a hilarious white elephant gift for the vitamin lover in your life. But, the best part is that they’ll actually end up using it.


Best For The Tech-Obsessed

Blue Light-Blocking Two-Pack Glasses

All of us have been spending way more time staring at our screens than ever before. I can’t imagine a person who doesn’t need some of these blue-light blockers. For just $17, you get two of them to gift.


Best For The Candle Lover

I F*cking Love You Candle

Ginger June Candle Co.


Honestly, the label says it all. No matter how much they love candles and trying new ones, this one’s different when they get it as a gift from someone else. 


Best For The Retrograde-Cosncious

Mercury Retrograde Sweatshirt

Women’s Health


You absolutely know someone who advises you not to enter new relationships, sign contracts, or plan travel during mercury retrograde season. At least they can hunker down stylishly in this.


Best For The Busy Friend

Happening Scrub

Detox Mode


Okay, so maybe they just don’t have time to luxuriate in the bath tub for an hour. Or maybe they don’t even have a bath tub—consider this turmeric and ylang ylang-infused detox scrub a two-minute bath in a tube. The scent will transform their bathroom into a spa.


Best For The Germaphobe

Lavendula Hand Sanitizer



Hand sanitizer has become a purse essential, right next to our keys and wallet. This hydrating sani is a luxe way to stay healthy on-the-go.


Best For Manifesting Love

Cuffing Season Candle

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to manifest (or celebrate!) love in your life than by meditating next to an actual Cuffing Season candle. 


Best For The Green Lover

Avocado Oil Nail And Lip Kit

Nails Inc.


At least one of your friends comes to mind when you hear about kale-infused nail polish and avocado oil-infused lip oil. This cruelty-free kit goes out to them. (Or, double dip and divide these up by giving the nail polish to one person and the lip oil to another.)


Best For The Jewelry Lover

Initial Pendant Necklace



There’s a reason people are obsessed with this pendant necklace. It’s stylish, versatile, and feels super personal.


Best For The Athleisure Lover

High Waist Slit Pants

Alo Yoga


You never realize how much your one friend wears leggings till you feel surprised to see them in jeans or a dress. These slit pants are trendy (total ’90s vibes) and can be paired just as easily with a crop top on a night out as they can be with a sports bra for yoga. 

And yes, they’re just as comfy as Alo Yoga’s cult-favorite leggings.


Best For The Nail Artist

Longwear Nail Colour



You’ve been envying their Insta stories showcasing their home nail art content, so gifting them some luxe nail polish means they have to offer you a free mani, right?


Best For The Homebody

Luxury Faux Fur Throw

Everlasting Comfort


I admittedly own two of these faux fur throws, and am debating getting a fourth. They’re inexpensive, super cozy, and available in eight neutral colors. It’ll be their new favorite movie night companion. 


Best For The Trendy One

Psyche Tie-Dye Fluffy Bucket Hat

The ’90s are back, and that includes tie-dye and bucket hats. This fluffy number is perfect for cold weather, too—definitely Instagram grid-worthy.


Best For The College Student

Five-Piece Dormify Shower Kit

Fun as it may be, dorm life doesn’t exactly equate to indulgence. This five-piece Bliss shower set comes wrapped in a gift-ready shower caddy. They’ll be the envy of their communal shower buddies.


Best For The Wine Lover

Friends of the Farm Wine Subscription

Dry Farm Wines

What’s your wine-loving friend doing if they’re not already part of a wine subscription? Simply give them a gift card and they can choose which wines they like, how often they want them, and how many they’d like. It’s a great way to learn about wine if they’re an aspiring sommelier, too. 


Best For The Bougie Skincare Lover

Glittery Under Eye Masks



Add glitter to anything and it makes it feel more luxe, but these under-eye masks are truly next level. They’ll wow that one fancy friend who’s hard to impress.


Best For The Cold Brew Lover

Cold Brew Starter Pack

Chamberlain Coffee


I don’t know about you, but I definitely know people who’ll drink cold brew 365 days a year, no matter how chilly it is outside. This set includes some delish cold brew coffee complete with a stylish mason jar and straw. 


Best For The Iced Coffee Obsessed

Iced Coffee T-Shirt


Is it just me, or is loving iced coffee a full personality trait now? They’ll feel so seen in this t-shirt.


Best For The Martini Lover


King St. Vodka


How cute will this well-designed bottle look on their bar cart? Gift it alone, or pair with some chic martini glasses or a full cocktail shaker set to make it a full gift.


Best For The Blowout Lover

Satin-Lined Hair Turban

Grace Eleyae


You know that person who takes their haircare very seriously? They’ll be super grateful for this ready-to-wear turban. It’s a stylish way to prevent hair breakage and maintain their blowout overnight.


Best For The Workout Lover

Align Stretchy Full Length Leggings

Lululemon Athletica


There’s a reason these leggings have a serious cult following (several WH editors swear by them). They’re comfy, stretchy, supportive, and stylish. 

The price tag may be too high to be something they’d buy for themselves, so this one’s something you’ll get for someone truly special.


Best For The Friend Who’s Trying To Adult

Adulting Candle

Anecdote Candles


Paying bills, having a 401k, and doing laundry all while trying to pencil in time for brunch with your besties isn’t easy. This hilarious candle adds a bit of much-needed lightheartedness to the hardship of being an adult. 

It makes a great white elephant gift, too.


Best For The Lip Product Lover

Petal Pout Lipstick



Drew Barrymore founded this makeup line to empower women, and what feels more empowering than wearing a bold lip? At just $8, it’s worth it to grab several shades to give to all your makeup-loving friends.


Best For The Traveler

The Jewelry Box



It’s nearly impossible for jewelry to stay untangled while traveling, which is what makes this sleek, palm-sized jewelry box so great. It’ll keep all their precious jewels organized and in-place, no matter the level of turbulence.


Best For The Lazy Friend

Island Time Body Spray Lotion

Eight Saints


Honestly some people can’t even be bothered to add some lotion to their body care routine. This spray lotion is perfect for anyone who wants something easy and low-maintenance. 

The best part is that the coconut and sunflower-infused scent means it doubles as perfume, too.


Best For The New Homeowner

Virutal Interior Designer


A lot of people moved this year, and as fun as that experience can be, actually trying to fill a home with some beautiful decor can be seriously stressful. 

Gift them with this virtual interior design service, and they’ll be mentioning you every time they get compliments.


Best For The Ariana Grande Fan

Ponytail Extension

Insert Name here


Not all of us were blessed with Ariana Grande-esque luscious locks. This no-fuss ponytail extension transforms any hairdo into a sexy ponytail in a matter of seconds—it’s a must-have for anyone with hair envy.


Best For The Skincare Nerd

Peeling Solution And Hyaluronic Face Serum



TikTok has gone crazy over The Ordinary’s budget-friendly, highly effective solutions. Skincare nerds love obsessing over the high potency of these two bestsellers. 


Best For The Gua Sha Fan

Gua Sha Comb for Combing Therapy

ICYMI: Gua sha isn’t just for the face. The founder specifically designed this product with the intention to build a truly traditional gua sha comb for a unique self-massage experience. 


Best For The PSL Lover

Pumpkin Spice Candle



Nothing says “holiday season” like a good PSL. This pumpkin spice candle will literally fill their home with all the coziness of their favorite winter drink.


Best For The Hair Accessories Lover

Jolie Pearl Hair Claw

Doesn’t the Blair Waldorf in your life need a hair accessory to match their ambitious personality? This pearl hair claw makes a serious statement (and that statement is: I’m a sophisticated trendsetter).


Best For The Pedicure Lover

Fruit Acid Smoothing Foot Peel

Monthly pedicure dates are great and all, but what’s better than doing a full-on foot peel at home with your feet up on the couch and a (spiked) tea in hand? 


Best For The Crystal Healer

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Spirit Daughter


Whether or not they truly believe rose quartz crystals actually have the power to bring love into their life or not, this gorgeous pink stone looks great on any coffee table. Pair with this guide to crystals if they’re crystal-curious.


Best For You

Skincare Essentials Kit

Drunk Elephant


The holidays are about a lot of self love, too, right? Either gift one of these cult-favorite Drunk Elephant products to a friend and keep the rest for yourself, or get all your friends’ stocking stuffers in this one little kit to hand one out to everyone.


Best For The Friend With All The Sex Advice

Necklace Vibrator

Even some of the most experienced people don’t know about this super cool, unique vibrator necklace. And I’m not saying this is a soulmate magnet, but it’s what Bloomi’s founder was wearing when she met her now husband.


Best For The Glitter Lover

Glitter iPhone Case



You know that friend who always has glitter on their face, legs, and clothes. But, do they have a glittery phone case to match it all? 


Best For The Spa Lover

Portable Facial Humidifier

Hey Dewy


In an ideal world, you’d be able to gift everyone a spa day. Till that’s possible, this facial humidifier makes any space feel like a spa. I keep mine at my work desk during the day, and bed at night to keep my skin looking dewy 24/7.


Best For The Picky Eater

Organic Veggie-Packed Sauce

Founded by a parent who wanted to hide veggies in their kid’s food, Otamot sauces are packed with veggies. Challenge the salad-hater in your life to these delicious blends. They’re all vegan and gluten-free, too—there’s even a plant-based “carrot” bolognese I personally love.


Best For The Dog Parent

Plaid Dog Hoodie



They may cancel plans on you to stay in with their pup, but can you really blame them? They’ll love dressing their furry friend in this adorable plaid hoodie.

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