Land Profit Generator Review

Jack Bosch has renamed his successful Land Profit Formula course to Land Profit Generator. Besides the new catchy name, what’s new and is it worth getting the program? Find out in this brief review.

The LPF home study course was first released in September 2008, and the release was a landmark launch for any real estate information product. One of the issues that investors ran into with the old version is that they found it difficult to obtain free lists of land owners.

If you have always wanted to invest in land and didn’t know how to go about it, the Land Profit Generator will give you a lot of information you can use. From finding good leads to land owners in public records, to how to approach them, to what to offer and how to resell the vacant land quickly for big profits, everything is covered in the new Land Profit Generator.

In my own experience, vacant land owners are far more responsive to simple inexpensive marketing than owners of any other type of real estate. A single mailer of a simple postcard to a few hundred land owners has yielded 300% more qualified leads to motivated sellers than any other real estate marketing campaign that I have ever launched before.

These results are due to two main facts:

1. Targeting a specific group of land owners who own the property free and clear, according to the specific directions in the Land Profit Generator.

2. In vacant land investing, you as an investor face much less competition than in any other niche of real estate.

One of the key added values of the new system is the modular design of the material. Jack Bosch has redesigned the entire course with the goal to make it much easier to outsource individual tasks to virtual assistants. This modular design is instrumental in creating a land investing business from scratch , without tying yourself to having to do a lot of work all the time.

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