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There’s a reason you’re seeing a surge of CBD vape pens online, in smoke shops, and even gas stations. Often, they’re stacked up against nicotine vapes, so be sure to double check the packaging so that you walk away with CBD and not anything else.

A good CBD vape pen contains high-quality, premium CBD, and delivers a host of different benefits depending on the strain. Some people prefer disposable CBD vape pens because they’re easy and convenient. Other people prefer to invest in a CBD vape kit so they can continue buying CBD cartridges and have a reliable vaporizer at home when they need one. You might wonder why vaping CBD may be preferable to other forms of ingesting CBD, like capsules or edibles. The fact is using vape pens can deliver CBD’s benefits a lot faster than any other method.

Picture any kind of anxiety or stress-inducing occasion. It could be a presentation, a first date, or an interview for a job. Being able to quickly inhale and experience the calming effects of CBD can put you in a way better position than if you try to chew a gummy just before your high-pressure event. Instead of waiting for the effects to kick in, you can experience them in as little as 30 seconds.

Another reason people prefer using CBD vape pens is because the vapor is super smooth, there are many flavors available, and you won’t be coughing or dealing with an irritated throat, especially if you’re not used to smoking. If you’re looking for disposable CBD vape pens or a rad CBD vape kit, check out our top six favorite brands below.

Top 6 Best CBD Vape Pen Options

  1. CBDFx – Editor’s Choice
  2. Extract Labs – Best Natural, Earthy Flavors
  3. – Best Website Design and Product Variety
  4. Just CBD – For CBD and Delta-8 Vapes
  5. Omura CBD – Top-Rated, Sleek Design
  6. Quant Vapor – Most Distinguished Vaporizer Design

How Did We Choose the Top CBD Vapes?

We’re all about finding reputable brands so that we can find quality products. Without first identifying what makes a great CBD vape product, we wouldn’t know what to look for when we set out on our hunt for the top six brands. So, for you to understand our process, we listed what we looked for in our search below.

  • We like a website interface that’s easy to navigate. How a website appears is basically like the storefront of a brick-and-mortar store. You can tell how much a company invests in their brand reputation by the kind of website they present. Clean, easy navigation, and clear photos are musts for us.
  • Next, we look at available discount codes and special deals. Just because we’re looking for premium products doesn’t mean we can’t get them at a bargain price. Granted, some really high-quality products will still be on the more expensive side, but we love a good discount code, especially for first time buyers.
  • Once we have a good selection of products in front of us, we look at the ingredients list. High quality doesn’t just mean packaging or appearance. We want to know that there are no fillers – that means no extra stuff that’s going to potentially harm you when you vape CBD, so we looked through the ingredients list in the product description to verify that everything is clean.
  • Finally, we make sure that all products have been tested by a third-party lab. Just because a product description states what the ingredients are, we can’t just take their word for it. Instead, we look for the verified lab reports to confirm what’s inside each product. Vaping should be fun, not dangerous.

Best CBD Vape Options Reviewed

1. CBDFx – Editor’s Choice


  • Build your own vape pens bundle
  • Disposable CBD vape pens and vape kits available
  • CBD vape pens and terpene pens
  • Top-rated CBD oil vape pen flavors and strains


  • Some flavors may be out of stock temporarily

One of our favorite aspects of CBDFX is that they always have a discount code available. When you purchase one item, you get 15% off. When you purchase two items, you get 20% off. When you purchase 3+ items you get 25% off.

They have a great selection of premium CBD vape pens and kits. They’re lab tested to make sure that they’re safe, that they’re effective, and that they meet all of CBDFX’s high quality standards. Their hemp plants are organically grown, and the CBD is CO2 extracted, never blended with cheap fillers or other potentially toxic components.

You can either go the disposable route with a CBD vape pen and check out their selection for easy CBD dosing that you can use and throw out once you’re done or you can invest in a CBD Vape kit so that you can vaporize your CBD and begin a fine collection.

You can build your own bundles with either CBD vape pens or CBD terpene pens. Choose from a couple classic flavors for your CBD vape pen, like strawberry lemonade, blue raspberry, fresh mint, or melon cooler. For the terpene pens, you can choose from classic strains that taste like cannabis but don’t have a single drop of THC in them. Choose from Gelato, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and even the ever-popular Blue Dream strain.

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2. Extract Labs – Best Natural, Earthy Flavors


  • All natural ingredients without unnecessary fillers
  • American grown hemp
  • Third party lab tested to confirm quality
  • Free shipping when you spend $50


  • These aren’t the CBD vape pen style for you if you don’t appreciate natural strain flavors

Extract labs has a couple of premium vapes that they refer to as tanks. They have CBD tanks, botanical terpenes, cannabis derived terpenes, and a CBD vape tank battery kit. Each of their CBD cartridges is blended with either the botanical terpenes or the cannabis derived terpenes for CBD vape juice that tastes herbaceous. All of their tanks contain CBD alongside CBT and CBG without any unnecessary fillers. Choose from a couple well-known strains like Martian Candy Delta 8, Ogre Berry Delta 8, Sour Ghost Delta 8, or choose from their CBD extract tanks (Think Blue Dream and El Jefe).

Extract labs knows that if you’re shopping online for a good CBD Vape, you’re probably going to come across a lot of products that contain really damaging and potentially dangerous additives. That’s why they chose to keep it simple. They only use natural ingredients along with CBD, other minor cannabinoids, and terpenes.

If you’re not sure which to get, Blue Dream is one of their most popular botanical CBD vape cartridges. This strain mimics the flavor of the highly coveted weed strain, except it doesn’t get you high. If you love indulging in natural hemp flavors, you’ll love any one of their cannabis derived terpenes. If you need a battery, you can purchase their classic, pen shaped battery. It’s simple, easy to use, and also easy to store.

Learn more at

3. – Best Website Design and Product Variety


  • Free shipping for vape pen domestic orders
  • Multiple discount codes for vape pen savings
  • Wide variety of CBD vapes
  • Wide range of concentrations


  • Selection may feel overwhelming for first-time shoppers

If this is your first purchase on, you can get a 10% discount off your purchase. You should always keep an eye out whenever you’re on the site for additional discount codes so you can save up to 30% on a vape pen on any given day.

This is a marketplace website that lists different brands, disposable vapes, and vape pen batteries. They list their best sellers at the top and have a wide variety for you to peruse. Some of their vapes are CBD terpene vapes, some of them have botanical infusions, and many of them have popular flavors and strains like strawberry lemonade and Sour Diesel.

This is a great website to visit if you’re not sure exactly what to look for because the variety is displayed in an easy to view manner. When a CBD vape pen catches your eye, simply click on over to learn additional information about that particular vape.

For example, you can see if there are multiple concentrations available, you can check out what kind of flavor the vape has, and you can learn what additional ingredients are included in the formula. If a vape has been reviewed by previous customers, you can look through all of the available reviews and answered questions at the bottom of the page.

They have a great customer service team that’s available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific standard time. And you can sign up to get their trending alerts – basically the latest updates on their products and any upcoming sales so you can plan your vape pen purchases ahead of time.

One of our favorite parts of this CBD marketplace is that you can click on the strain genie to get a genetic analysis that matches you with the right CBD products. This is especially easy if you’ve already had your DNA tested with other kits like 23 and Me and

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4. Just CBD – For CBD and Delta-8 Vapes


  • Great vape pen flavor selection
  • All disposable options
  • Domestically produced products
  • Different strains for different purposes


  • Delta 8 cannot ship to certain states

Delta-8 Disposable Vapes

At the end of your day, when you’re ready to sit back and blast off, reach for your trusty delta 8 disposable vape pen. These formulas are fantastic for helping you manage your emotional state, and your physical state. Each one of these cartridges does contain a small amount of THC, which in these doses can have really wonderful effects. All of the cartridges are completely legal and organic and are not to be confused as controlled substances.

If you’re not familiar with Delta 8, it’s the most desirable aspect of THC. It’s become increasingly well-known all over the world due to how positively it affects mood and physical health.

There are three main vape pen cartridges that you can purchase. Each one is equipped with 1000 mg of Delta 8 per device. Choose from three irresistible formulas including Pineapple Express, which is a hybrid, Zkittlez which is an indica, and Strawberry Cough which is a sativa.

CBD Vape Pens

When you have a CBD cartridge you need a CBD vape battery to go with it, choose from four colors to personalize your kit. Rose gold is perfect for an elegant touch, black is great for discretion, blue is a fun bright color, and gold is for you bougie CBD vape users. Just kidding! If we’re being honest, a couple of us snatched up the gold batteries.  

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5. Omura CBD – Top-Rated, Sleek Design


  • Comes with a beautiful charging base
  • Great for ultra-smooth vaping
  • Award-winning design
  • First-time customers save 15%


  • Color options though beautiful, are limited

When you’re ready to take it up a notch, the Series X will blow your mind. It contains a dual heat source oven on the inside that hits without burning so you can enjoy CBD flower through a unique experience that’s gentle on your throat.

If it’s your first time shopping on Omura’s website, you can purchase a device and get two complimentary empty stick packs. Or if you’d rather not have the empty stick packs, you can get your first CBD pack on the house. The great part of empty flower sticks is that you can pack them up with your own favorite CBD flower strains.

If you opt for their pre-filled flower sticks, you can either relax with the whole flower hemp CBD and lavender variety or try their Sour Diesel Lemon Kush. The Series X is available in four colors: gold, quartz, slate, and jade. All of them have a shiny finish and come with a charging base that looks so good, you can use it as decor in your living room.

Learn more at

6. Quant Vapor – Most Distinguished Vaporizer Design


  • Fits easily in your hand
  • Charges and heats up quickly
  • Use with flower or CBD vape oil
  • Unique design unlike other vaporizers


  • Currently, the matte white vaporizer is sold out

Since we’re on the topic of high-quality handheld vaporizers, we present Quant vaporizers available in walnut wood finish, a matte black finish, a desert white marble finish, a Nero Marquina marble finish, or in a white matte finish. To turn it on just click it five times, and the LED screen will become activated. Once the device is turned on, just set your temperature and the chamber will heat up quickly, reaching your desired temperature within 30 seconds. You can either use CBD flower or you can use CBD vape oil inside the chamber. All you need to do is load up your materials 1/4 full into the heating chamber, turn your device up to the maximum temperature, and get ready to enjoy. All of their handheld vaporizers include a silicone mouthpiece, a USB cable, and packing tool, tweezers, cleaning brush, a quartz tank, and a user manual so you know what to do.

Learn more at

What Are the Benefits of CBD Vapes?

CBD has a lot of different benefits and the reason that vaping is so popular is because you can enjoy those benefits a lot faster than any other form of CBD. Some of the most common benefits that CBD users report include a sudden sense of calm or ease. They also experience relief from anxiety related symptoms and pain after puffing on a CBD vape pen. When taken in high doses, CBD can also help to improve sleep by inducing a slightly drowsy state. However, when taken in smaller doses, it can help to improve mental clarity and focus. When taken regularly, CBD users also report an improved mood, a sense of comfort throughout the day, and overall reduced anxiety. Vaping CBD seems to create resiliency, which helps to manage everyday stressors.

It is important to consider that because vaping CBD causes you to absorb the substance more quickly, that also means that it’s going to leave your system more quickly. It’ll process swiftly through your body, so if you want to keep enjoying the benefits and effects, you’ll need to keep vaping. If you’re looking for CBD products that have more long-lasting effects, you should consider trying a CBD edible product like a gummy.

Studies have been conducted that show how CBD benefits people who have epilepsy and other seizure disorders, and there is also a growing body of work that touts CBD as fantastic for people who suffer from insomnia. There are multiple studies that show how CBD is beneficial for people with anxiety related disorders, like obsessive compulsive disorder, or posttraumatic stress disorder.

CBD continues to improve people’s lives because it affects all parts of the body. It tackles your brain to serve as an antidepressant, antioxidant, and also serves as a neuroprotective supplement. It can help your stomach with appetite control, it can help your heart with anti-inflammatory effects, and it can also help your bones by stimulating bone growth and strengthening bones that have been affected by osteoporosis.

Additional benefits include alleviation of psychosis, anti-inflammatory support for people with diabetes, and it’s been helpful for people dealing with side effects from chemotherapy.

CBD is like a wonder supplement. It travels to the parts of your body that need it the most so whatever type of relief you’re looking for, vaping CBD will get you there a lot faster.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens vs. Refillable CBD Vape Pens

The type of CBD vape pen that you choose is ultimately based on your preference. However, there are a few pros and cons to using each vape pen type, which we highlight below:

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

A couple pros of disposable vape pens is that they typically cost a lot less upfront and they don’t need to be charged. They’re meant to be used until the CBD vape juice is done, and then you can easily throw them away and pick up a new one.

The downside of a disposable CBD vape pen is that the level of heat generated can’t be adjusted, which may make for smaller smoke clouds. Over the long run, if all you’re purchasing are disposable vape pens, you will end up spending more money. Some people love disposables just because they’re so convenient and there is no maintenance required. For those people, the cost is worth it.

Refillable CBD Vape Cartridge

A refillable CBD vape pen is significantly more powerful, which results in much thicker and bigger smoke clouds. The cartridges are interchangeable – you can try one out, take it out, and then try another flavor or strain. Although the cost upfront is higher than a disposable, if you plan to smoke CBD on a regular basis, you’ll find that a refillable CBD vape pen is a lot more affordable in the long run.

You will have to maintain your unit which means you’ll need to keep it charged and keep it clean. But considering what you get, those are two small prices to pay.

Side Effects of Vaping

Vaping has a couple of pretty common side effects that include coughing if you’re not used to inhaling the vapor. Sometimes, it can cause a dry mouth and throat, but those symptoms are easily alleviated with water or another hydrating beverage. Sometimes, people may experience a headache, but that’s usually only seen with new users. Though, sometimes users experience mouth and throat irritation, those side effects dissipate over time.

CBD is not addictive, however vaping nicotine is. There’s currently no research on the long-term effects of vaping, so the safest way to vape CBD is to make sure you’re purchasing your products from a reputable source that tests their CBD and doesn’t include any harmful additives in the CBD vape juice.

Aside from side effects related to the act of vaping itself, CBD does have a few possible side effects that you should be aware of. Generally, it’s considered extremely safe and is mostly well tolerated. However, some people may be extra sensitive to a CBD vape, so what someone else feels may not be exactly your experience.

Some of the side effects you might experience include changes to your appetite, drowsiness or fatigue, mild nausea, or diarrhea. The side effects that have been reported are mild and usually fade rather quickly but if you do feel uncomfortable using any CBD product, just discontinue use until you feel better.

It’s also important that you know CBD has the potential to interact with some medications, so if you’re currently taking any medications for your health be sure to contact your medical provider before vaping any CBD products.

Can You Get High with CBD Vapes?

The short answer is no. But it’s best if you understand why. There is a common misconception that CBD vapes can create the same high as THC, which is another well-known cannabinoid. THC is the component responsible for producing an altered state of consciousness that’s usually characterized by euphoria, a sinking feeling, or sometimes heightened sensory perception. Some users of THC also report experiencing anxiety and paranoia when taken in high doses.

Vaping CBD has positive health benefits, but it doesn’t produce any kind of altered state of consciousness and definitely does not create any kind of anxiety or paranoia. If what you’re looking for is a high, you’ll probably want to go the THC route if it’s legal where you are. But if you’re looking to garner the health benefits that come when you vape CBD, then you’ll find that vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the effects.

If you’ve never tried a CBD vape, you’re probably wondering what it feels like. The effects are extremely subtle but noticeable enough because they bring you relief. The effects are relaxing and calming for the most part and if you’re experiencing any kind of inflammation or pain, you’ll likely feel a reduction in those discomfort levels. Vaping CBD is also really helpful for easing the symptoms associated with both depression and anxiety.

At low doses, when you vape CBD, it can help you feel energized and more focused and can help you be extra productive during the day. At high doses, it’ll calm you and you’ll feel like you just took a hot bath or a hot shower. CBD eases the tension that builds up in your neck and your shoulders, and helps you breathe a little bit easier. A lot of people use CBD to help them sleep better and quiet the babble inside their minds.

Ultimately what you get from a CBD vape is not a high, but you definitely do feel a difference.

How Much CBD Should You Vape?

The thing about CBD, especially when you’re vaping it, is that there is no recommended dose for all people. How much you weigh, whether or not you’ve tried a CBD vape before, and how much you inhale with each puff are all factors that affect how CBD will impact you.

Although you probably don’t want to hear it, the best way for you to determine the dosage you should be taking is to experiment. Don’t go crazy the first time you try vaping CBD, just take a single puff to get the flavor profile, see how you feel with the inhaling process, and wait around for at least a couple of minutes to see how the effects make you feel.

Generally, a CBD vape cartridge contains about 100 mg of CBD but we’ve seen 300 mg, 500 mg, and even 1000 mg of CBD per vape. Don’t assume that you know how much CBD is included in disposables or cartridges for vaporizers, always read the packaging.

Remember that the effects of a CBD vape are subtle so give it time and keep experimenting. You might want to try different types of vapes before you settle on one you really love.

Why Is Third Party Lab Testing So Important?

Lab tests are important because they verify the contents of your vape cartridge. That means solvent, contaminants, levels of THC, and levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. A third-party makes sure that there is no conflict of interest and no sweeping things under the rug. It’s a form of accountability for brands that sell these products. When you review the lab results, you might feel like it’s too technical for your comprehension.

However, scan for THC and CBD levels – those are usually pretty easy to identify. Look for where it says “max active” levels to understand how much of each is included in the product. If ever you come across a brand or product that does not have third-party lab test results listed, you should avoid purchasing it at all costs. If you don’t know what’s in it and you’re inhaling it into your lungs, that could become a hazardous health concern for you.


Now that you know how we made this list, we hope that you appreciate the time we talk to make sure that we only recommend premium products. We love a good deal just as much as the next guy so whenever possible we choose brands that have frequent sales. We can’t stress safety enough so always look at ingredients and make sure that every product is third-party lab tested.

We love variety, and we love being able to choose between a disposable vape pen and fancier vaporizers for long-term use. We’ll never get tired of trying new flavors and we love when brands create limited edition products or add to their existing product line. If you want to stay in the know, sign up for their newsletters and be sure that you’re one of the first to sample new products.

We hope you’ve learned a bit more about CBD vape products today and can quickly identify a good one from a questionable one. CBD affects people differently but the outcome that most people report is incredibly positive. Researchers continue to study how CBD works in the body and how it can be helpful for a variety of different ailments. Meanwhile, there is a massive amount of anecdotal evidence that has us convinced.

Remember that a CBD vape won’t get you high and how much you take is dependent on your individual factors. Which website are you going to check out first? If you want a suggestion, start with number one.