10 Best Backyard Ninja Courses For Kids 2021: Backyard Obstacle Courses

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Admit it: The minute you learned that backyard ninja courses for kids were a thing, you wanted one. And we’re here to tell you, it’s a purchase worth making. Ninja courses offer a cost-effective way to help your kiddos burn energy instead of (or in addition to) a swing set or rock climbing wall, and they have the potential to keep them busy and active all summer long. 

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Just learning about backyard ninja courses now? Welcome, friend. We’ve been down this rabbit hole for a minute and we’re here to show you the (literal) ropes. Let the lawn games begin!

How do you make a backyard ninja course for kids? 

Luckily, there are plenty of sets to choose from that make building a course easy! A backyard ninja course is basically a ropes course that can be hung between two trees and includes different accessories like swings, monkey bars, and gymnast-style rings. They’re great for improving overall strength and confidence in kids of all ages. But branding them as a ninja course is a great way to introduce some imagination into the game and inspire kids to be their stealthy, sneaky selves.

There’s a good chance you spent the last year upgrading your outdoor space, whether it be with a pool (a kiddie pool counts), fire pit, or any inflatable toy you could think of. Backyard ninja courses for kids are a great way to create an imaginative, active play opportunity literally in your own backyard. And since most of these can withstand a decent amount of weight, we have a sneaking suspicion that the adults in your household will have some fun with this, too.

How much does it cost to build a ninja course?

You can find ninja courses to fit any budget, from smaller kits under $50 to tricked-out sets that are $150+.

Now that you know the ins and outs of turning your backyard into an outdoor obstacle gym. here are the best ninja courses for kids (and grown-ups) who love a challenge. 

Best Backyard Ninja Courses For Kids

With a whopping 50-foot ninja slackline, monkey bar holds, swing, and gymnastic rings, this Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course has all the accessories to start their ninja training right. If your kids get tired of building that upper body strength, this course includes a tightrope, too. And the best part? All of the accessories can be spaced out to your choosing for a fully customizable workout that can change with the seasons.

$159.99 AT AMAZON

If you want to set up an obstacle course but don’t want to damage the mature trees on your property, this Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course comes with 5-foot tree protectors, which is just good manners. You can set this up as an obstacle course with all the classics like monkey bars, gymnastic rings, and fist holds, or remove all the bells and whistles and you have yourself a 40-foot slackline. Plus, the instructions say you can set the whole thing up in less than 10 minutes, so you can have a frustration-free afternoon.

$89.97 AT AMAZON

If your kid was climbing bookcases before they were walking, this course was designed for them. The kit includes 12 climbing holds, which secure onto a tree so kids can scale it just like a climbing wall. They come in 5 bold colors and three different shapes to create your own unique climbing experience. It can hold up to 230 lbs, so some adults can get in on the action, too.

$46.99 AT AMAZON

Got some big trees that are about 65 feet apart? Put them to work with this obstacle course kit that includes a 65-foot slackline, rope ladder, trapeze swing, and more. It has over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon, like from one customer who called it a “great alternative to the swing set!” and “best purchase ever!”

$189.98 AT AMAZON

Get those ninja skills sharp with this customizable 50-foot slackline kit. With obstacles like a climbing net, gymnastics bar, and monkey bars, this set is sure to build stamina, balance, and strength. The accessories offer rubberized grips or pine wooden bars to protect soft hands, and the set has a max weight of 440lbs, so it will def handle your LO’s growth spurt.

$88.99 AT AMAZON

With a 36-foot highline and extra-thick ratchets for a safer experience, this obstacle course includes 10 loops to attach challenges like monkey bars, swinging ropes, and monkey knots. The course can be adjusted for beginners or experienced ninjas, so you can pick the right workout for your kids’ swinging skillset.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

If you have multiple kids who hate waiting their turn, this slackline is made of durable webbing that can hold up to 440lbs. The set includes climbing rope, monkey line, wooden bars, and rings. It also includes tree protectors, extra buckle sets in case you want to add more obstacles, and a free carry bag so you can set it up at the park or grandma’s house.

$89.99 AT AMAZON

For advanced ninjas of any size, this course includes a spinning wheel, gymnastic rings, plus a rope ladder to really build that core strength. The hook and carabiner system was tested up to 1,000 lbs and the set can be used with trees spaced between 10-55 ft apart. One Amazon customer called it “a super-fun obstacle course that our stuck-at-home kids love,” which is basically the goal for every purchase we’ve made this year.

$149.98 AT AMAZON

If your kids are hardcore and down to train in the rain, this 50-foot slackline is weatherproof, thanks to its rustproof, galvanized steel and UV- and water-resistant materials. It comes with 10 obstacles that can be spaced out to your kid’s preference, and Amazon customers are commenting that it’s easy to set up, too.

$139.47 AT AMAZON

Prying your kids away from the iPad can be a challenge but this 50-foot ninja course promises to help with that. It comes with 9 obstacles, tree protectors, and a seat swing, plus a carrying bag so you can take your adventure on the road. One Amazon customer said, “this gift is perfect for kids who love the show Ninja Warrior and who love to compete and make their own obstacle courses.” This particular set also has a 1-year warranty, so if your ninja warrior gets wild, you can get yourself a new set.

$84.95 AT AMAZON

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