All you need to know about Landscape Composition

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Who doesn’t love a series of trees, evenly cut shrubs, ornamental plants, colorful flowers? A nice landscape not only enhances the way your home looks but also the surroundings. The landscape gardeners at at Geelong & Torquay do a great job in developing your landscape. Careful study and knowledge are required in developing a landscape. There are many things required to be built, planted, grown for a landscape to take shape. The compositions of a landscape are as follows.

  • Fencing

Landscape design without a boundary would be incomplete. Defining borders makes the property attractive as compared to the open-ended ones. You can give a finished look to the landscaped yard or the front lawn simply by placing stone walls along the boundary or by applying a fence all over. You can opt for a wooden fence build-up or can go with fence designs made up of different materials such as PVC vinyl.High Point Tree Service There are numerous options available nowadays in wood as well as other materials. Choose the one that suits best to your needs. 

  • Hedges and shrubs

Plantation of hedges that are trimmed uniform can serve as a living wall to the landscape. If you want … Read More

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