44 Genius Things That Make You Look Nicer & Feel More Comfortable

After a year of practically living in sweats (I’m not complaining), I’m excited to stock up on cozy wardrobe pieces that help me look nice without sacrificing comfort. Isn’t that always the goal, though? To feel as good as you look? If you agree, you’ll be into the products I’ve rounded up on this list. There’s everything from dressy staples to beauty accessories that’ll help you feel your best — whether it’s a body balm to help prevent chafing in your new favorite OOTD or even a shimmery lotion that’ll leave your skin holographic and hydrated.

Let’s start with that body balm. With a few swipes against your skin, it can help prevent chafing in your favorite outfits (hence making them feel way more comfortable than usual). And about that glistening lotion: It’ll help moisturize your skin while simultaneously adding a subtle glow, and you can choose from shimmer shades that range from silver to gold. If you’d rather stick to fashion-forward pieces that are equally dressy and cozy, I’ve got you covered. There’s a laid-back T-shirt on here with a criss-cross front that gives it some edge, along with trendy biker shorts that you can wear from the gym straight to happy hour.

Let’s face it: Not all clothes are comfortable — but thanks to this list, you can score some trendy pieces and accessories that will make you look and feel your best. After a year of sweats, that sounds pretty great.

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This Seamless Bra That’s Nearly Invisible

Looking for a bra that’s nearly invisible underneath your clothes? This one is made with smooth edges that melt into your skin — but it still has enough support for low-impact activities, like yoga or pilates. Choose from more than 10 colors, including a lovely shade of chestnut.

Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


These Cozy Denim Shorts Made With Cotton & Linen

Blue, khaki, dusty pink, green — with dozens of colors to choose from, you’re bound to find these shorts in one that suits your style. They’re made from a blend of cotton and linen, making them great for staying cool in hot weather. And since the waistband is elastic, the automatically adjust to fit your body.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


An Exfoliating Dry Brush For Softer Skin

That soft loofah you’ve got hanging in your shower is great for soaping up, but it won’t do much in terms of exfoliation. This body brush, on the other hand, is made with stiff bristles that help exfoliate away dead skin. And with a canvas strap on the back, it’s easy to maintain a firm grip when wet.


These Pillowcases That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

These cozy satin pillowcases are great for reducing unwanted frizz — all while you’re sleeping — because they’re made with smooth satin instead of cotton. Their envelope closures help keep your pillow from slipping out, and they even come in more than 20 colors to match your sheets.


This Lip & Cheek Tint Stick Made With Hydrating Jojoba Seed Oil

With its gorgeously rosy shade of pink, this tint stick adds a subtle glow to your cheeks and lips. It’s made with jojoba and sunflower seed oil, delivering a nourishing dose of hydration to dry skin — and each stick is even 100% cruelty-free.


A Shimmering Gold Lotion That’s Fragrance-Free

With a little shimmer mixed into this lotion, it’ll give your skin a warm glow as you walk up and down the boardwalk — or even just around the block at home. It’s also completely fragrance-free, and one reviewer wrote that it “looks amazing in the sunlight but not like I painted my self metallic.” They continued, “Also has a wonderful smell and feels light on your skin. Gives you the perfect glow!”

  • Available in gold, rose gold, and silver


These On-Trend Biker Shorts With Pockets

Personally, I like my yoga shorts to be a little on the longer side — and these ones have more than 40,000 positive four- and five-star reviews. The high rise looks great with a crop top, while the moisture-wicking fabric helps you stay dry during sweaty workouts. Plus, they come in dozens of colors.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large


The Earrings That Sparkle Like Real Diamonds

Unless you tell people that they’re cubic zirconia, there’s no reason for anyone to think these earrings aren’t real diamonds. They’re made from surgical-grade stainless steel, and they even come in three finishes: silver, gold, or rose gold.


A Loose V-Neck With A Cute Criss-Cross Front

There’s no need to wear a necklace with this V-neck tee — the criss-cross on the chest is already styled for you. The shirt itself is made from soft, breathable cotton, making it great for staying comfy in warm weather.

  • Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large


A Nap Dress That Drapes Across All The Right Spots

With its flowing hemline and fitted bodice, this dress hangs over your body in all the right places. The balloon sleeves are a cute touch, and it even comes in a variety of fun summer colors — from goldenrod to sky blue.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


These Joggers That Fit Like Capris

A good pair of joggers is hard to come by — but this pair from Amazon’s house brand is available for less than $45. They’re made from soft polyester with a hint of elastane for stretch, and you can wear them during workouts, errands, or even while relaxing.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Small, 2X


A Cozy Platform Sandal Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

Not only do these sandals give you a little extra height, but they’re also made from recycled plastic bottles. Eco-friendly and quick-drying, each pair is made right here in the United States — and reviewers raved about how they’re “super-comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12


This Makeup-Setting Spray Made With Green Tea

Once you’ve finished powdering your face, give yourself a few spritzes of this setting spray. It’ll help keep your makeup looking freshly airbrushed all day long — and it’s even made with organic green and white tea that are loaded with nourishing antioxidants.


A Dry Shampoo Made Without Any Talc

You won’t find any talc, parabens, or baking soda in this bottle of dry shampoo — and it’s even suitable for use on all hair colors. The best part? It only takes a few dashes of powder to help add volume, and it’s cruelty-free. According to the brand, the bottle could last anywhere from five months to over one year.


These Breathable Cotton Denim Shorts That Customers Call “Super Comfortable”

With hundreds of four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that these cozy denim shorts are worth a try. They’re made from a soft, breathable cotton blend that has a touch of spandex for stretch, along with a folded hemline for added style. Many customers wrote that they’re “super comfortable,” too.

  • Available sizes: 16 — 24


A Balm That Helps Prevent Uncomfortable Chafing

Just swipe any high-friction areas with this balm, and it’ll help prevent uncomfortable chafing while you move. It’s safe to use all over your body, from your neck to your toes — and the long-lasting, vegan formula won’t leave your pores clogged.


These Throwback Clips That’ll Pull Your Hair Back In Style

Made from high-quality acrylic with resilient metal springs, these clips are great for any occasion. Put one in your hair while cooking to keep any strands from escaping into your food, or even make your own updo for the office. Plus, they’re suitable for any thickness of hair.


A Romper That You Can Throw On & Go

Can’t figure out what to wear? Throw on this romper — problem solved. It’s perfect for running errands, meeting up with friends, or even just going for a walk. Plus, it even has functional (not fake) pockets on both legs. Choose from over 16 colors, including fun tie-dye options.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


The SPF-40 Sunscreen That’s Super Lightweight

Not only is this sunscreen reef-friendly, but the weightless formula melts into all types of skin without leaving behind any greasy residues. And since it’s oil-free, there’s very little risk of it clogging your pores. Not to mention, it’s packed with nourishing ingredients including red algae, frankincense, and meadowfoam seed.


This Soft Romper That Customers “Absolutely Love”

Accessorize this plus-size romper — which is made with soft lyocell fabric — with a chunky necklace and wedges for a fun night with friends, or even throw on a pair of flip-flops and use it as a beach coverup. It’s versatile enough that you can style it for nearly any occasion, and the drawstring waist gives it shape without feeling restrictive. Choose from various colors.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 16


These Peels That Leave Your Feet Feeling So Soft

You don’t have to painfully file away at your dry, cracked heels if you want smooth skin — just soak your feet in these peels. Over the next two weeks your outer layer of skin will begin to peel away, leaving you with soft, moisturized skin. And unlike some peels, this one comes with enough supplies for two sessions.


A Tinted Vegan Lip Butter Made With Plant-Based Ingredients

Havana, plum peony, red velvet, agave — this lip butter comes in so many delicious colors it’ll be hard to pick just one. One swipe can keep your lips moisturized for up to 12 hours, and the formula is even cruelty-free, as well as suitable for sensitive skin.


This T-Shirt With A Stylish Double Criss-Cross

There can be such a thing as too casual — but this T-shirt’s stylish double criss-cross gives it a touch of flair that makes it stand apart from the crowd. The soft rayon fabric won’t leave you feeling chafed or irritated, and reviewers raved about how stretchy it is.

  • Available sizes: X-Large — 5X-Large


A Short Sleeve Tee Made From 100% Cotton

Not only is this shirt made from 100% cotton, but the neck is also completely tagless. It’s got a slightly slimmer fit, though you can always size up for a little more breathing room. “Good quality,” wrote one reviewer. “Even after being washed and thrown in dryer there was no shrinkage, and kept its shape.”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


A Pack Of Cozy Headbands With A Stylish Knotted Design

Don’t have time to wash your hair before heading out the door? Just put it in a messy bun, then hide the roots with one of these headbands. The twisted knot gives them a cute bohemian touch — and they’ll even help absorb sweat during strenuous workouts.


This Body Oil That Uses Organic Shea Butter To Hydrate Your Skin

Dry skin is no match for this body oil, as organic shea butter works to quench any parched areas. Hibiscus and coconut leave your skin smelling irresistible, while songyi mushroom works to help balance your skin tone. “Its scent is beautiful,” wrote one reviewer. “[And] the oil is not runny at all.”


The Shampoo Brush That Helps Massages & Cleanse Your Scalp

Add some of your favorite shampoo to this brush, and it’ll help scrub away the day’s dirt and grime — all while giving your scalp a relaxing massage. The bristles are made from soft silicone, while the handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet. Choose from four colors: black, green, purple, or pink.


A Satin Kimono That’s Sleek & Stylish

With its plunging V-neck and silky satin fabric, this kimono will have you feeling all sorts of sexy — even if you’re just lounging at home. It’s got a loose fit that hits in all the right places, while the belted waist lets you adjust how close it hangs to your body. Choose from dozens of colors, ranging from celadon green to wine red.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


This Protein Hair Mask That Can Help Repair Over-Processed Strands

When you’ve finally gone a little too far with the hair bleach, this mask can help moisturize your strands so that they feel soft and silky — not brittle and straw-like. Each bottle contains a heaping dose of collagen protein to help smooth frizz, and reviewers also raved about how it helped with their split ends.


The Razors That Are Great For Shaping Brows

Whether you’re styling your brows or trimming away unwanted peach fuzz, these precision razors are so easy that even beginners can use them. Each blade features a safety cover to help protect your skin from nicks — and one reviewer wrote that they “work so well for dermaplaning!”


A Double-Sided Tape That Helps Prevent Fashion Faux Pas

This double-sided tape can help your outfit stay in place, hence making you feel a bit more comfortable. It’s completely transparent, making it difficult for others to see (even if exposed). And since it’s made to be applied directly to your skin, it shouldn’t cause any irritation or chafing.


This Luxurious Robe Made From Soft Satin

Not only is this robe made from 100% satin, but the lightweight material is perfect for lounging around the house on lazy days. You can also wear it to bed when you’re feeling sultry — and since it comes in more than 15 colors, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that suits your style.

  • Available size: 1X — 4X


These Chic Sunglasses That Are Straight Out Of The ‘90s

Wanna hop on the ‘90s trend without changing up your style too much? Just grab these retro sunglasses. The non-polarized lenses have a protective UV coating to help keep your eyes safe from the sun, and they even come in a variety of colors: pink, red, beige, and more.


A Cuticle Oil Made With Nourishing Milk & Honey

If your cuticles are dry and cracking, try giving them a few drops of this oil. It’s made with hydrating milk and honey, delivering a nourishing dose of hydration to dry skin — and it can even help strengthen brittle nails. Many reviewers even raved about how it “smells so good.”


The Pads That Add Cushioning To Your Shoes

Ever notice how the ball of your foot aches after a few hours of walking around in heels? These metatarsal pads add just enough cushioning that you can feel a difference — without throwing off your balance in heels. And since they have nonslip adhesive backings, they’ll stay put all day without any need to adjust them.


These Caps That Help Save Your Heels From Damage

If the tips of your heels have worn down, you can use these caps to cover any metal parts that are sticking out. They’ll stop that annoying clicking noise while also working to keep you from slipping. And since they come in two colors — black or taupe — you can easily blend them into most heels.


The Cream That Can Help Strengthen Weak Nails

Whether your nails are brittle or chipping, this cream can help give them a fortifying boost. Jojoba oil and calcium work to strengthen them, while coconut oil leaves your skin feeling moisturized. Plus, it can even help prevent future peels and cracks, as well as encourage nail growth.


A Cardigan With A Gorgeously Draped Front

Soft, lightweight, and flowing — this cardigan hits all the right notes. The fabric is lightweight, allowing the button-free opening to drape over your body without weighing you down. And with fashionable three-quarter sleeves, you can even wear it year-round.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large


These Clips That Keep Your Jeans From Riding Up In Boots

Tired of your jeans riding up inside your boots? These clips will keep them strapped down in place. And since the length is fully adjustable, you can also use them as ironing board clips in a pinch. “Just clip them to the bottom on your pants before putting on your boots,” wrote one reviewer. “Your pants stay straight and in the winter months they stay clean.”


The Underwear With A Smoothing Elastic Band

Since the elastic band at the top of this underwear is extra-wide, it won’t pinch uncomfortably into your skin — and they’re even made from breathable cotton. Plus, they’ve even got some spandex in there to give them a comfortable amount of stretch.

  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large


These 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks That Can Help Soothe Unwanted Puffiness

These masks can help rejuvenate your skin. Each one is made with real 24-karat gold to help brighten those under-eye areas, as well as hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. The best part? You only need to wear them for about 20 minutes per session.


A Brightening Face Mask Infused With Marshmallow Root Extract

Let this mask soak into your skin, and its marshmallow root extract can help brighten your complexion for a sunnier look. The airy, whipped texture allows it to glide over your face, and it’s even cruelty-free. One happy customer wrote, “It goes on so light and fluffy and then once I wash it off, my face feels extremely clean and looks brighter!”


The Slippers Filled With Soft Memory Foam

Step off that cold hardwood floor and into these slippers. The nonslip soles are tough enough for quick trips to the mailbox, and they’re even filled with soft memory foam for added comfort. “Even though I’m sure these are meant to be house shoes, I couldn’t help but the slide them on with leggings and a long soft sweater and heading to Target,” wrote one reviewer. “They are adorable.”

  • Available sizes: 4.5 — 10.5


A Lint Roller With Retractable Sheets

My big lint roller has more dust on it than lint — that’s probably why this one is made with retractable sheets that stay tucked away until you need them. Each order comes with 30 to start, and you even have the choice of more than 10 different colors.