5 Kitchen Trends That Deliver Beautiful Beachy Vibes

Nothing says “beachy” quite like materials such as jute and hemp—which is one reason we love these matching pendants and bar stools featured by


“This look is all about elevating a basic design by adding texture,” says Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Design. “Pair the natural woven textures in varying scales with slick, white surfaces in the kitchen, and suddenly you’ve turned a basic white kitchen into something far more interesting.”

Get the look: Bring all the texture of a Tiki bar into your kitchen by pairing these Endicott Lucrezia wicker bar stools with a few of these hand-woven bird’s-nest pendant lamps.

If you want to give your kitchen an instant glam makeover, try a glitzy backsplash, like this mirrored subway tile from @rymcdon.

“I can’t speak for other designers but we are so sick of plain old white subway tile,” Taylor says. “This mirrored tile is larger than traditional subway tile, and the glamour of it adds to an otherwise simple space.”

Get the look: Elevate the look of your kitchen walls with these Paris gray antique mirror tiles.


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Who says you need a huge breakfast bar in your kitchen? Certainly not @deliamaga77, with her trendsetting minibar (and we mean “mini” literally).

“A minibar is a perfect spot for entertaining and storing your drink supplies,” says designer Andra DelMonico, of Trendey. “This could be for mixed drinks, wine, or even coffee.

“To successfully add a minibar to your home, look for an unused corner or wall to turn into your minibar station,” she adds. “It can be as small or as big as you’d like, but try to at least have some shelving or cabinets, or space for a workspace.”

Get the look: Build your own space-efficient Murphy minibar, or get creative and install one of these Michel floating desks.

Ready for a new color in your kitchen? Then you just might like these tropical-inspired plaster pink cabinets featured by @pluckldn.

“Pale and pastel colors have been taking over kitchen decor trends,” says DelMonico. “For pink shades, this can end up looking too sweet or juvenile, which is why plaster pink has become so popular. It has more mature pink hues and works well on cabinets because it adds color and warmth without being overwhelming.”

Get the look: Add a fresh-squeezed pop of pink to your kitchen with a can of Behr’s Mellow Coral Matte from Home Depot.

Great design is in the details, like this charming countertop ladder shelving from @dom_za_miedza.

“Everyone can use more storage space and help with staying organized,” says DelMonico. “This especially applies to the kitchen, where the cabinets are stuffed and the pantry is overflowing. A countertop ladder is perfect because you can easily move it around, and you don’t have to drill holes in the wall. Plus the multiple shelves can help you keep your most-used cooking essentials within reach.”

Get the look: Keep all your culinary seasonings (or favorite cocktail ingredients) within reach this summer with this handmade mini ladder shelf from Etsy.