May 17, 2022


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About 100 roaches crawling all more than kitchen forces restaurant closure

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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Beneath is a listing of locations that were ordered shut by inspectors with the Florida Section of Business enterprise and Qualified Regulation final 7 days.

All the locations mentioned had been authorized to re-open following an purchased cleanup and re-inspection.


599 NE 167TH Avenue


Requested SHUT 7/1/21

10 VIOLATIONS Uncovered

“Live, tiny flying insects in kitchen, food items preparation spot, foodstuff storage spot and/or bar region. Observed somewhere around 35+ are living compact traveling bugs sitting on the soda and iced tea dispensary, and touching the consume lids, and nozzles at the entrance counter. Observed 7 are living tiny flying insects on the exterior doorway and on the wall in the men’s lavatory, 3 stay modest traveling insects on the wall in the women’s lavatory.”

“Food-make contact with surface area dirty with meals particles, mould-like material or slime. Observed soda dispensary soiled with accumulation of mould like compound, and dust.”


“Floor soiled/has accumulation of particles. Noticed accumulation of food items particles on the dining home floor.”


350 BAYVIEW Push


INSPECTION Primarily based ON Grievance

Requested SHUT 7/1/21

16 VIOLATIONS Identified

“Roach exercise current as evidenced by stay roaches identified. Observed close to 3 reside roaches crawling on the wooden preparation table in the kitchen, 2 dwell roaches crawling on a wall following to prepare dinner line, 1 stay roach crawling on the achieve in cooler that has saved food in the kitchen, 15+ are living roaches crawling beneath a planning desk by prep sink, 3+ roaches crawling on a access in cooler situated throughout from cook dinner line, 10 stay roaches crawling in 5 foil paper, 50+ roaches crawling on the kitchen area ground in prep areas, and primary kitchen flooring locations, 3 dwell roaches crawling beneath the dish equipment, 7+ are living roaches crawling on flooring by marked exit, and 5 dwell roaches inside can opener hooked up to wooden preparing desk throughout from get to in freezer.”


“Dead roaches on premises. Noticed approximately 20+ lifeless roaches guiding 2 attain in coolers, 5+ lifeless roaches on the ground by door marked exit in the kitchen, 1 useless roach in the upper body freezer, 3+ lifeless roaches inside unused ice device.”

“Employee unsuccessful to clean arms just before putting on gloves to initiate a process functioning with food.”

“Proof of necessary point out authorized employee teaching not readily available for some staff.”


15148 SW 732ND Road


Ordered SHUT 7/2/21


ALSO Requested SHUT 8/6/21

“Stop Sale issued on time/temperature handle for protection food thanks to temperature abuse. Observed cooked chicken (48°F – Cold Holding) raw beef (50°F – Chilly Keeping) uncooked hen (46°F – Cold Holding) fish filet (49°F – Cold Holding) inside of stroll in cooler. As for each employee, given that the preceding working day. Noticed containers of ice cream and fruit juice not taken care of frozen inside get to in freezer throughout from stroll in cooler.”


“Roach action existing as evidenced by reside roaches observed. Noticed roughly 15 reside roaches guiding reach in freezer and 2 reside roaches inside arrive at in freezer throughout from walk in cooler. Worker discarded all objects within reach in freezer.”

“Dead roaches on premises. Observed roughly 3 useless roaches guiding get to in freezer at cook line. Observed about 3 useless roaches within arrive at in freezer throughout from stroll in cooler.”

“Time/temperature command for basic safety meals chilly held at bigger than 41 levels Fahrenheit. Observed cooked rooster (48°F – Cold Keeping) uncooked beef (50°F – Cold Holding) uncooked rooster (46°F – Cold Keeping) fish filet (49°F – Chilly Holding) within wander in cooler. As per worker, given that the past day. Also observed uncooked fish (47°F – Cold Holding) sliced tomatoes (56°F – Cold Holding) cooked chicken (48°F – Cold Keeping) within attain in cooler across from grill area. As per staff, significantly less than 4 hrs. Personnel took goods to the walk in freezer to promptly chill.”


“Food saved on flooring. Noticed containers of onions, plantains, raw chicken and raw pork stored on flooring at planning area. Employee put uncooked pork within walk in cooler.”

“Dish equipment chlorine sanitizer not at suitable minimum amount strength. Discontinue use of dish equipment for sanitizing and set up handbook sanitization until finally dish device is fixed and sanitizing correctly. Observed chlorine sanitizer at 0ppm.”

“Food-make contact with surface soiled with food particles, mold-like material or slime. Observed can opener blade soiled.”

“Nonfood-get in touch with surface area dirty with grease, food items debris, dust, slime or dust. Noticed hood filters soiled and buildup of particles among fryer and stove. Noticed gaskets soiled at reach in cooler at cook line. Observed buildup of debris on desk lovers at planning spot.”




Ordered SHUT 7/1/21


11 VIOLATIONS Identified

“Rodent activity current as evidenced by rodent droppings identified. Noticed approximately 20 droppings on the floor powering a weakened place of the entrance counter. And approximately 10 droppings on the ground powering a access in cooler keeping soda at the rear of the front counter.”

“Roach exercise present as evidenced by reside roaches observed. Observed 1 dwell roach walking across the kitchen area floor, less than the hand sink and 1 walking throughout the floor at the rear of the front counter.”

“Time/temperature regulate for basic safety foodstuff, other than total meat roast, incredibly hot held at fewer than 135 levels Fahrenheit. Noticed steamed rice held in a heat oven at a temperature of 120°F, for each operator, has been there for around 1 hour. Operator put the rice in a sizzling oven to fast elevate the temperature.”

“Interior of oven has accumulation of black substance/grease/foodstuff particles. Noticed stack oven positioned in the kitchen area.”


“Employee began operating with food stuff, handling clear machines or utensils, or touching unwrapped solitary-services things without very first washing palms. Noticed front counter employee engaged in a telephone call and then commenced food stuff preparing without washing fingers. Spoke to supervisor and he talked with her about suitable hand washing procedures. Staff stopped and washed her arms.”


12899 SW 42ND Street


Ordered SHUT 7/1/21


“Stop Sale issued on time/temperature command for basic safety meals owing to temperature abuse. Noticed in walk-in cooler, as for every manager more than 24 hour pork (46°F – Cold Holding) cooked pork (64°F – Chilly Keeping) beef (47°F – Cold Keeping) rooster (48°F – Cold Keeping) hen breast (46°F – Chilly Keeping) ground beef (47°F – Chilly Keeping) Observed in access in cooler located in front of planning table, as for every supervisor much more than 24 hour cooked ground beef (53°F – Cold Keeping) **Repeat Violation**.”


“Live, tiny traveling bugs in kitchen area, food items planning location, food items storage location and/or bar area. Noticed approximately 20 flying bugs in back again storage location in the air and landing on the walls. Noticed around 10 flying insects in the air and landing on the cutting board of the food items planning region. Observed somewhere around 3 flying bugs in the air by the front cook dinner-line area.”

“Food stored on floor. Observed flour on flooring up coming to cook dinner line. Man or woman in demand moved flour.”

“Interior of oven/microwave has accumulation of black compound/grease/food stuff debris. Noticed inside of oven soiled.”

“Interior of fridge or freezer in disrepair/has exposed insulation, achieve in freezer in again storage region.”

“Dish device chlorine sanitizer not at right minimum energy. Discontinue use of dish equipment for sanitizing and established up guide sanitization right up until dish device is fixed and sanitizing appropriately. Observed chlorine option at 0ppm.”

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