Best green paint for interior walls – an expert guide to making the right color choice

The best green paint brings the verdant, soothing tones of nature into the home and have a deeply calming impact on a space. But which green paint is right for your room? The experts explore the effects of green paint shades, tone to choose and how to style them. 

Best dark green paint colors

Claybrook Venetian Lagoon, best green paint

Wall painted in Claybrook’s Venetian Lagoon

(Image credit: Claybrook)

From deep forest greens to rich olive tones, dark green paint colors make a bold impact on a wall, turning a room into a nature-imbued cozy retreat. ‘A dark green is particularly effective for giving us a soothing feeling in rooms where we seek comfort such as a bedroom or living room’ says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene. ‘Dark greens make us feel reassured and comfortable,’ agrees Dominic Myland, CEO of Mylands. ‘Because they’re so prevalent in nature, they bring a sense of calm to a space and they help us feel connected to the outside world.’