Best Home Decor Items for Bedroom and Bathroom

The “new normal” lifestyle is here to stay — as we continue to spend more time at home, many are beginning to shift their attention to interior design. However, picking out new home decor items can sometimes be tricky. There are so many different styles and product options out there, and before actually having the piece in the room, it’s hard to determine if it would harmonize well with everything else.

For those looking to pick up decorative pieces for their bedroom, living room or bathroom, HYPEBAE editors have put together a list of their favorite picks. From a versatile side table and a vanity organizer, to an incense burner and a stylish, Instagram-friendly vase, check out our selection featuring brands such as HAY and Anissa Kermiche below.

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A beautiful addition to the bathroom sink, Binu Binu’s wavy, sculptural soap dish comes in a variety of finishes ranging from translucent green onyx to king gold marble (the latter of which I’ve recently purchased). In addition to the accent piece, the Toronto-based studio — whose name translates as “soap soap” in Korean — is known for its handmade bar soaps inspired by Korea’s bathhouse culture. Not only are they formulated with nourishing ingredients like rose clay and antioxidant-rich boricha tea, but the soaps also look incredibly aesthetic. My favorite is the brand’s Hibiscus Clay Soap, a fragrance- and essential oil-free option that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin — it can even be used for cleansing the face. — Teresa Lam, Features Editor

I bought this glass candleholder from HAY last winter, and while it may not seem like it, lighting a candle at the dining table makes all the difference. You certainly don’t need to wait for special occasions — or to be out at a restaurant — to enjoy a candlelit meal. Whether it be a Sunday morning brunch at home, or even just a weeknight dinner, having that soft, warm glow at the center of the table really helps create a cozy, homey feeling. — Teresa Lam, Features Editor

Ever since Anissa Kermiche released its first range of vases, I’ve been waiting for the right time to get my hands on one. Now that I’ve finally settled into my new apartment, I’m eagerly waiting for the Popotin Ceramic Vase to release. The vase not only works great as a statement centerpiece, but it is also relatively affordable for a designer item. I’m planning to use it to house fresh flowers, or even leave it empty as it would look perfect on its own as well. — YeEun Kim, Associate Editor

One of the few things that have helped me stay calm throughout 2020 is burning incense. I’ve always preferred incense over candles, maybe because it triggers childhood memories of when I would visit temples with my family. I’ve been using my current burner for some time now, and I’ve been looking to pick up Cinnamon Projects’ Circa Mineral Dalmation Stone design ever since I moved into a new apartment. Whether it be during work hours or just before bedtime, I’d always have a stick burning at the opposite side of the room. — YeEun Kim, Associate Editor

Yes, I still read books. I considered getting myself a Kindle but there’s something about a physical book that I can never let go of. Plus, I still have most of what I’ve read during my undergraduate degree (I’m a Literature major). To keep things organized yet still visually pleasing, I use bookends to keep all my novels in place. Valerie_objects’ Brick Bookend matches the aesthetic of my room and it’s heavy enough to hold quite a number of books in place. – Pauline DeLeon, Associate Editor

This versatile Two-Way Side Table can be flipped vertically and wedged up against a couch or chair, making it an ideal surface for drinks, food or a laptop. In addition, its translucent acrylic fabrication takes up less visual space in a room, a plus for small apartments. Multifunctional, space-saving and sleekly designed – what more could you ask for? – Alexandra Pauly, Associate Editor

I’m all about the surreal campiness of Toiletpaper Magazine, and its decor collaboration with Italian home objects brand Seletti is no exception. The Seletti Wears Toiletpaper gold-framed mirror, perfect for an entryway or bedroom, is functional yet playful, printed with a pair of elegant hands gripping iridescent snakes. You’ll definitely get some statement mirror selfies out of this piece. – Alexandra Pauly, Associate Editor

As Marie Kondo once said, “visible mess distracts us from the true source of the disorder.” Everything in our house needs to have a home. I own quite a bit of trinkets and small accessories, so I always need to have separate compartments for different items in order to find them easily. In my room, I usually keep my everyday jewelry pieces like my earrings, rings and necklaces in a small leather tray similar to AERIN’s. I like to keep things as simple and hassle-free as possible. – Pauline DeLeon, Associate Editor

I used to have a world map stuck onto my cork board where I would pin all the places I’ve traveled to. Over time, however, the edges of the map bent and molds started to form. So, I decided to get myself a cork globe instead. This particular one from Brunello Cucinelli comes with white-headed pins. – Pauline DeLeon, Associate Editor