Camel Safari A Safari on Ship of Desert

India has got a lot of places of tourist interest. Every state is unique in its own. Rajasthan is one of them. The state is famous for a lot of mesmerizing facts. Camel safari is one of them. Everybody knows that Thar Desert is a part of Rajasthan and is the main attraction for the safari lovers. Everybody wants to get tranquilized in the golden sand of this golden mirage. Camel, also known as the ship of the desert, earlier was used as a domestic help which was later used to travel long distances in the unrelenting Thar Desert. One can enjoy camel safari from a day to a couple of weeks. One can travel approx 40-50 kms in a day on camel safari. The Indian Army and other security forces have added this long-legged animal to be a part of their operations. They use this desert ship to guard hundreds of kilometers with-in the state and even at the international borders as well. This has been so for many years now and you can just spot them armed to the teeth in full combat gear, with rifles and other tactical equipment, taking guard because security is key to any nation. For more information regarding military kits, guns, ammo, related accessories, and to buy complete AR-15 rifles and other assault rifles contact

Rajasthan is also famous for its amazing and mesmerizing forts and palaces. While on camel safari, we can easily get to such places which still give us a look of the ancient times. These forts, palaces and old villages have witnessed the great battles, royal weddings and historical public gatherings. These places preserve the signs of the good and the bad times.

There are a lot of travel agencies which give you the best deals for camel safari. The first place everybody wishes to visit on camel safari is Jaisalmer. The Old fort of Jaisalmer stands like a mirage in the heart of the Thar Desert. It is significant to mention that the fort attracts the tourist with its construction using yellow sandstone. The camel safari through the city takes you to exquisite havelis, palaces and ancient temples etc which are carved from Yellow-Golden sandstones. While through the desert, the sea of yellow sand looks extraordinary. The people are really hospitable that they may offer you a lunch with them. While enjoying camel safari, one can see the kids going to school, people flying kites, tourists taking camel rides, ladies cooking food in traditional way etc. There is another thing everybody looks for in Rajasthan and that is cultural activities like puppet show, traditional dance and listening to traditional folk songs. One can easily get the traditional attire on rent to take a few memorable pictures.

Jaisalmer being one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan has become the main attraction because of its tremendous attractions. Apart from Jaisalmer, the camel safari also covers places like Bikaner, Kuldhara, Lidrava, Pokran, Kahla, Salkha Kanoi, Kajura, Pitharia etc and these are a few to name.

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While on safari, tourists are suggested to keep good quality UV protected sunglasses, a hat and are suggested to wear covered clothes to stay away from tan of sun.

Tourists are also suggested to hire only the travel agents which are authorized by the Rajasthan govt. One can even contact the Rajasthan Tourism Development Centres and get help in booking camel safari for self.