August 17, 2022


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Can You Wear a Chest Rig over a Plate Carrier?

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Can You Wear a Chest Rig over a Plate Carrier?

A chest rig is an excellent piece of equipment specially made for security forces around the world. It allows the users to carry a variety of gears, such as rifle magazines, first aid kits, digital cameras, and more. It’s because walking around with these tools in the pocket is not a practical option. 

If you want to protect your vital organs from flying projectiles at you, you need to wear a handy chest rig. It’s useful to carry higher weight on your torso, especially when you’re traveling over Texture Spray Machine lever ground. Also, it’s easy to access and allows you to sit comfortably on chairs or vehicles.  

On the other hand, a plate carrier is a lightweight bulletproof vest, specially made for the Army of the United States. It comes with adjustable straps, padded shoulders, a cummerbund, quick release, ballistic plates, and MOLLE to protect the Improved Outer Tactical Vest. 

You’ll find a lot of ways to wear a chest rig, from the loaded down plate carriers to the classic nylon carriers. But, some people are wondering whether they can wear a chest rig over a plate carrier or not. In this article, we’re now going to talk about the issue and its solution. 

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Can You Wear a Chest Rig over a Plate Carrier?

Yes, you can absolutely wear it over a plate carrier, yet depending on your requirements. Let’s talk about the matter when it’s technically possible. The shoulder straps of the rig cannot allow you to get the rifle stock into the shoulder pocket. 

It might be heavier than a direct connection, and sometimes it can wiggle when you don’t get a tight fit, or you move. If you want a quick-connect system, you can utilize the resistance and swift clips of a plate carrier to keep your rig in place. 

As a result, you can remove the straps of your chest rig and connect directly to the plate carrier again. You can also get the flexibility to swap out the loadout of your chest rig and plate carrier without struggling with threading in and out of MOLLE. 

You’ll always get a bit narrower and closer fit with the plate carrier’s kangaroo pouch. It can be directly attached to the taco magazine shingle. It will also stay flattered and allow you to get more prone to most chest rigs. After all, all these things depend on your requirements on that particular day. 


A chest rig is one of the handiest gear among security forces. It’s an excellent option for carrying necessary gear until you don’t load them down too much. Like a battle belt, it can be another great addition to your firearm accessories. 

Having read the entire article, you’ve got that wearing a chest rig over a plate carrier is possible, but technically. You can use them together as your requirements. However, feel free to ask any questions related to tactical gear and their uses. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.