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A Beginners Guide to Go Karting


If you wish to enter the world of go-karting, it is vital to learn how to do it, especially since it is not as simple as it sounds. 

Therefore, a beginner in this particular world means that you should avoid a few things before learning how to do it with ease.

Even if you are nervous while controlling and steering it, we recommend you to stay with us to learn more about this particular sport. You should check out BERG Go Karts to learn more about this particular sport.

That way, you can prevent potential accidents and learn how to act before you start racing and driving. 

Things to Wear Before Karting


It is essential to be as comfortable as you can while driving a go-kart, which is why you should wear proper clothing for the occasion. The worst thing you can do is wear tight jeans or trousers because it will affect your driving skills.

Instead, you should wear comfortable clothing to stretch in and sit without any additional problem. However, you should avoid too loose clothing, because it may also be problematic for you.

The main goal is to feel as comfortable as you can, which is why you should find the appropriate options for your particular requirements.

When it comes to footwear, you should use trainers as the best option for your particular needs. Generally, you will not be able to race in heels or open toes, which you should remember beforehand.

You will also wear gloves and overalls before you enter the track, which is why you should avoid wearing anything heavy because it will get warm as you start racing and driving it.

In case you have long hair, we recommend you tie it back because you will have to wear a helmet. Therefore, it is vital to get balaclava unless you wish to use the one you will get on a track, which is not hygienic.

Finally, you should avoid wearing large jewellery because that may affect your driving, and you may lose it throughout the track. Instead, it would be best if you left it at home, which is an important consideration to remember.

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Things to Expect

As soon as you get the proper gear for comfortable enjoyment, you should learn a few things about safety that will help you prevent something that may lead to severe accidents.

When you are out on the track, you should know that the go-karts tend fast and furious, which means you should prepare yourself for the thrill and enjoyment.

You probably expect that this particular type of enjoyment is as simple as it gets. However, you should know that it is a highly demanding sport, and you will need to warm-up before you enter the track.

You can do it by ensuring that your wrists and hands are flexed and jog for a few minutes beforehand.

When you stand next to it, it may look challenging to sit inside. However, the staff around will explain how to get inside and where to place your feet before you place a buckle to protect yourself.

You should position yourself properly when you enter inside, especially since you should comfortably reach the pedals by bending your legs. At the same time, we recommend you to hold a steering wheel at east and west positions while avoiding other sides.

Similarly, as in regular cars, you should know that the right pedal is gas, which means that you will be able to accelerate by pushing it. On the other side, you will find a brake, but we recommend you avoid pressing them simultaneously because you will lose control.

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Driving a go-kart as a beginner is not as simple as it gets, mainly because the more you press the right pedal, the faster you will go, which will make it more challenging to steer and control a vehicle.

The main idea is to anticipate what is going on around you and try your reflexes to react correctly. As soon as you press the right pedal, it will start to move, and you should practice how much you should push it to get the right speed you enjoy and can control.

After a while, you will be comfortable driving, which means that the more you do it, the more enjoyment you will get as a result.