Choosing a Safe Bed for Babies and Toddlers

Baby and Toddler Bed Rail: Transition from Crib to Bed or Cosleep Safely

Does your little one sleep with Mom and Dad or has his own bed? Whatever the choice does not matter. It’s just that if you decide your little one to sleep alone since he was a baby or toddler, then Mom and Dad must be careful in choosing a safe bed for babies and toddlers. Yup, besides being comfortable and safe beds for children, security is also a priority, right!

The condition of babies and toddlers who are still vulnerable makes them always have to be under the protection of their parents. Since babies under 24 months spend more time in bed, it is important for parents to know which beds are safe for babies. Here are some things to consider before buying a bed for babies and toddlers.

• The bed or bed must be stable

When choosing a bed for your little one, try shaking the bed. Avoid choosing a bed that is not sturdy because it is feared that if your little one is in bed, he may fall when the bed shakes.

• The size of the frame must be right

Make sure when choosing a mattress and bed for your little one, there is no gap between the sides of the mattress or the mattress and the bed wall. Also make sure the bed must be against the wall. If there is a gap, worry that it will be pinched when rolling.

• Adjust the mattress height

If you want to use a mattress that can be used until your little one is a toddler, you should choose a size that is not too high. The reason is that when it starts to actively climb and stand, your little one can fall out of bed. Choose cots for babies and toddlers that meet safety standards, with mattresses with the correct assembly.

Tips to keep your little one safe and comfortable in bed

Keeping your little one comfortable and safe while sleeping is an important thing for parents to do. The reason is, uninterrupted sleep time will help maximize the growth and development of children. Mama and Papa will not feel worried about leaving your little one sleeping alone in his bed. There are several important factors that must be considered, namely:

• Adjust the room temperature

The room temperature when your little one sleeps should be comfortable. Also pay attention to the placement of the bed, not to be directly facing or too close to the air conditioner, either AC or fan, so that the wind does not directly hit your little one’s body while he sleeps. This factor is also can kill Bunk beds for children and teenagers.

• Do not use a mattress that is too soft

Using a mattress or mattress that is not too soft can help support your little one’s back and prevent him from the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death).

• Place the bed in the ideal area

There are several things that must be considered in placing your little one’s bed, including:

• Keep the house beds for children away from the window curtains as they can be pulled or played by your little one and put him at risk of suffocation.

• Do not use pillows, bolsters, and blankets. This is done to avoid sudden death in infants.