Colorful Modern Home Appears Suspended in Midair


Among the trees near Bandon, OR, there appears to be a home floating above the ground. This optical illusion is also a standout in engineering—and location.

“We don’t have a lot of this kind of architecture in Oregon. In the Pacific Northwest, it’s typically a lot of heavy wood,” says listing agent Hunter Finch, with Coastal Sotheby’s International Realty.

Thanks to the placement of trees around the residence, it looks like it’s suspended in midair, but it’s well-supported.

“There is a supporting superstructure underneath the left side of the house, but it does appear to be floating,” says Finch.

Finished last year and now on the market for $1.15 million, the 2,150-square-foot, two-bedroom house on a hillside boasts a colorful exterior, clean lines, and custom touches. Much of the construction was done by the owner, who is a designer and artist.

“Everything in the home has a function and a place, and everything in the home is very comfortable,” says Finch. “It’s both a functional home and a beautiful home in a beautiful setting. It’s hard to describe. It’s just that everywhere you look, there’s something interesting.”

Colorful exterior





Dining space and kitchen

Living space

Speaking of looking, the windows throughout the home were sized and placed to maximize the natural light coming in.

“When you’re in the house and sitting in each of the sitting areas, there are plenty of windows right there so you don’t feel any lack of windows,” Finch explains. “The house is oriented north-south so you get great morning sun coming in one side of the house, and great afternoon and evening sun coming out the other side of the house.”



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The home sits on a 10-acre lot, but it’s close to town and amenities like the nearby Brandon Dunes Golf Resort.

“It has some terrific views and great sunlight, and it’s also got a lot of privacy and seclusion,” Finch says. “It’s at the end of a road that has very little traffic. It’s a very natural setting with birds and animals. There are no planes, no trucks, no noise.”

Hobbit house


The outbuildings on the wooded property include what the owner calls the Hobbit house.

“It’s really just a small cabin, or it could be a small office for somebody,” says Finch, noting that it doesn’t have a bathroom or a kitchen.

Finch says artistic and creative types have shown interest in the home.

“It has been polarizing in a sense that there are some people who simply don’t care for it, but that’s true in general,” he says. “The lines are very clean. Everything is very functional. Everything is just almost perfect, and I think it’s a beautiful home.”






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