Crimes of Couture Paint Job Didn’t Stop a Buyer From Grabbing This $1.1M Nashville Home

Within days of coming on the market, the infamous home known as “The Fashion House” has been sold. The Nashville, TN, property was listed for $1.1 million.


Within days of coming on the market, the infamous home in Nashville, TN, known as “The Fashion House” was under contract. The property landed on the market in late November, with a list price of $1.1 million. The final closing price isn’t yet known.

The listing bills the residence as a “fully furnished designer-themed home.”

While those words sound like a high-end dream, the reality is more of a crimes of couture nightmare, with designer logos running amok on the interior walls.

A huge bash at the party pad made headlines in August, provoking the ire of public health officials. It was denounced as a potential super-spreader event during a pandemic and drew its fair share of jeers from social media.

Now, the keys to the house with the garish decor will wind up in the hands of someone new. But will the next owners want a new look for the house?

If they want to take it back to “white box” status, that will entail a lot of paint. The black and dark-colored walls are spattered with haute couture logos that drip down the walls. But the new owner can easily bring the place back to basics—at a price.

Anyone wanting to get the interior walls back to standard white can count on spending about $9,500, according to one Nashville-area painter, Joshua Ryan Regan, who owns the business Truly Professional Painting.

He notes that the job will be “labor-intensive,” because of the bold hues and designs, and will require two coats of primer to adequately cover the dark colors.

Let’s take a look inside. The 3,046-square-foot interiors are done in “a tribute to the high-end fashion designers and iconic brands we’ve grown to idolize,” according to the property’s Instagram account, which is private.

The home features four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Modern and sleek, it has walls of glass, a terrace, and an open kitchen and living space.

“The Fashion House” in Nashville, TN

However, you might overlook those attributes, because the interior decor takes center stage.

A new owner could complete the home with a rooftop lounge, by adding stairs from the the balcony and railing.

Priority No. 1, though, involves painting over the walls designed to serve as the backdrop to tiresome Instagram influencers.

The entry sets the tone, featuring melted Chanel-type logos with white paint dripping down the black walls and stairs, and onto several ancient TV sets.


No, this isn’t vandalism: It appears to be someone’s vision of a fashion-forward entry.

TV sets and more drippy paint

Heading upstairs, the logo theme continues in the living area, with deliquescent Louis Vuitton-type logos covering the walls in the living area and the kitchen. A giant, floor-to-ceiling, golden LV sculpture stands in the middle of the room.

Giant LV sculpture

The LV theme is repeated to nauseating effect in the open kitchen.

Open kitchen, ruined by bizarre choice of wall decor

Bedroom with garish Gucci-style logos

Sitting area of bedroom with mural and private balcony

According to the listing, the layout features “hand-painted designer bedrooms,” including a master suite with a sitting area and a mural, sliding doors to the balcony with downtown views, an en suite bath, and custom built-in closet.

Gucci-style logos in the bath

There’s no escape from the paint job, not even in the bathroom.

Bedroom bedecked in Supreme logo

Dizzying YSL-themed bedroom

The listing suggests that the home offers an “investment opportunity.” Certainly, the notoriety and street style could make that a possibility as a themed short-term rental—so perhaps the buyer will keep everything as is. Stranger things have happened in the housing world.

But new owners are advised to hold off on any bashes until the end of the pandemic.

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