DIY Maintenance for Your Ducted Air Conditioner

Conventional air conditioners are known to need cleaning and maintenance every three months, but ducted air conditioners require little maintenance throughout the year. The return air grille needs to be cleaned every six months or when it becomes dirty. Some controllers display a filter on the screen to remind you of the air conditioners maintenance every six months.

Ducted air conditioners are used almost anywhere: offices, homes, malls, hotels, shopping complexes, and multi-storey buildings. They are installed in the roof and this can be done easily as they are fixed; they do not occupy space on the wall. The air is spread evenly through ducts in rooms where the unit is installed. What’s good about this type of air conditioning unit is a single machine is enough to control the temperature of an entire house or even two stories.

When the climate is extremely hot, a ducted air conditioning brisbane can provide dehumidification and cooling. During winter or on cold weather, it can heat a room up. Zone motors can be installed in different rooms and ducts to make the cooling and heating feature flexible and depending on your requirement.

For do-it-yourself cleaning of the filter, you just need to turn a screw, pull back the clips, and the grille will pivot down. You can vacuum the filter or remove the filter first and clean the grilled with soapy water. Always remember not to dry the ducted air conditioners filter under the sun if you decide to clean it with soapy water, because this will cause the filter to deform.

Filters can be cleaned once every six months unlike other types of air conditioning units but if the air grille becomes noisier then it’s a sign that it needs thorough cleaning. The outdoor part of the unit is mostly maintenance free, and water dripping from the drains of the ducted system is not a negative sign. It simply means that the unit is running correctly.

Always make sure that you keep the fans clear of sticks and debris, then apply a film or spray on the outdoor unit to avoid rust – this is important especially if you live in a tropical place or coastal area. Check with the unit’s service center or manufacturer if they have any substance that can help avoid or slow down tarnish in your outdoor unit.

Taking care of your air conditioning system can extend its life span to an additional three to five years. Always have an expert inspect the system to avoid major wear and tear.