DMuse Drying Room Keeps Felines Happy After Bathing


Designer Dot, an industrial structure academy, has occur up with a unique drying room known as DMuse for cats. Designed by university student Lee Da-eun, this drying place for felines is beneficial to eliminate the anxiety of bathing in your furry close friends. That’s why, it gives the utmost comfort and ease and will make them love the approach of drying following they bathe. Getting a cat owner, you must be conscious that cats really do not like to bathe. So, this round-shaped device has been established to relieve your cat’s anxiety of bathing.

Cats can use DMuse as a residence or shelter. This ground breaking dome caters to the feline patterns and prerequisites for actively playing and scratching all around. This drying dome is elevated upwards with its clear doors that are fastened on either facet for your curious kitty to maintain an eye on you.


The clear aesthetic of its structure and palette will make this object a complementary fixture for any dwelling. Just after all, its earthy hue and matte texture are very likely to mix with any inside although eliminating the bleakness of a uninteresting room. Meanwhile, your cat can have a pleasurable time though participating in or relaxing within this transparent dome.

Functions of DMuse

The designers have put in windows and transparent doors to assist your cats with folks-seeing, as they are curious by character. Considering the fact that cats like to hide in dim and snug areas, so there is also a compact hideout room under the apparent dry space. In this dry space, there is a system for playing whack-a-mole so that cats can conveniently have interaction in indoor functions. So, they can sense distracted just after bathing without staying pressured.


This layout also allows the people to management the whack-a-mole arcade’s issues level in just the chamber. It indicates that it is simpler to deal with the drying time, wind strength, and many others. with the aid of a sensitive touch panel that’s built-in outdoors the device.

Palms-On Expertise

Currently being a major industrial style academy, Designer Dot aims to increase its students’ stills using a one particular-on-1 mentoring technique. In the meantime, they supply constant responses to the pupils exterior the class. And, the Style of DMuse by Lee Da-eun is just one this sort of creation to boost the arms-on working experience of the designer. The blueprint kinds of this challenge are part of Lee’s layout portfolio course.


With such creations and exceptional activities, the Korea-centered Academy aims to offer the utmost expertise to its college students. So, they can imagine further than the partitions of the institution and consider to impose their models on useful consumers. They help students to do so by letting them check out their creativeness and arrive up with fashionable-day realistic methods for people today. And, the over-all treatment of industrial layout comes from a excellent educational encounter.

What do you consider about the layout and functionality of DMuse? Would you like to obtain it for your feline? Share your views with us.


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