When your home is getting older, you may start to notice there is more of a draft coming into the home than before and it takes more money to keep the home heated in the winter. You may walk around the outside and notice that the windows look bad and are not helping the value of your home. These signs may take some time to show up, which can lead the homeowner to wonder whether it is time for them to put new windows into their home.

Understanding and recognizing some of the signs that your windows are getting old and it is time to replace them can improve the value of the home and can make it easier for you to make your home comfortable in the summer and in the winter. Some of the signs that your home will need some new windows includes:

The Room Feels Drafty

As the windows get older, they will allow more air from the outside to come into the home. If there is some air leaking in through the windows, you will be able to feel some of the cool drafts, especially when you are walking right by the windows. In some cases, you can even hear the wind as it whistles through the window. You can try to do weatherstripping or caulking the windows, but if these do not seem to help, it might be time for you to replace the windows to help prevent this issue.

The Window Glass Gets Foggy

When you have glass that is double or even triple-paned, then it is possible that condensation will get stuck between the panes. If you look at the windows and notice that they seem foggy or cloudy, this is a good sign that there is a leak in your windows and you will need to replace them in most cases. On occasion, you will be able to fix the seal on the window rather than replacing the entire unit, especially if the frame of the window is still in good shape, but it is a good idea to have the professionals come out and check this for you.

Your Energy Bills Seem High

This one can be hard to work with because the utility companies can slowly raise the prices on you as well. But if your old windows are no longer as efficient as possible, they are more likely to leak out cold or hot air to the outside, which is going to cause the heating or the cooling system to work much harder to keep the home comfortable. The first sign that this is going on is that the utility bills are jumping up from one month to the next and your use of the heating or cooling has not changed at all.

The Windows are Difficult to Open or Close

It is possible that older windows are going to get stuck or they will not close all of the way. There are a few reasons that this is happening with your windows. It could be due to the foundation shifting, the window frame getting older, or the window was painted shut when you did some renovations. You will likely need to do a replacement of the windows as well as the frames to get them to function the way that you would like again. If the problem is not too bad, you may be able to just live with it for some time as you save up money to do the change.

The Window Frames are Soft

This is most likely to happen if you have wooden window frames. They can look nice on the home, but they also absorb a lot of moisture as well, so you will need to be careful when the weather is rainy. If you do have some wooden windows, moisture is able to cause the outside framing to rot. If the exterior framing feels like it is soft to the touch, it is important to replace the frames and windows as soon as possible to avoid the rot and more issues around the home.

Water Seeps Into the Home

Another sign that you can look for is whether water is seeping into the home. If you look around the windows and notice that there is water coming through the windows, it is a likely sign that it is time for you to get some new windows and you need to do it as soon as possible. Having water damage can be expensive and if you let it go on too long, it could end up being dangerous to the rest of the home. Catching it early and getting the problem fixed can be good for your whole home.

You Want to Update the Look of Your Home

As you update your home, you may want to consider whether replacing the windows is a good option. Older windows and their window frames can hinder the appearance of the home. When you add in new windows to the home, it can make the whole place look more modern, up to date, and beautiful than before, which can make it easier to enjoy the home or can increase the value of the home if you do decide that it is time to sell it.

It is possible that when the windows are getting old, more than one of these problems will show up at the same time. This can make it difficult to wait around to do some of the replacing or the repairs and you may need to be prepared to get the work done faster than you would like. Taking the time to look at the different companies and determine who will give you the best rates for high-quality windows will be the best way to protect your home.

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