Framing Sculptural Minimalism During 3daysofdesign


Copenhagen’s renowned design festival 3daysofdesign was held last week, bringing with it lots of design news from my favourite Danish brands. For Kristina Dam Studio the exhibition also marked its 10-year anniversary, and an opportunity to showcase unique artworks and sculptures alongside new designs. The inspiring presentation took place inside the apartment of fashion maven Kim Grenaa, owner of Grenaa Creative & Grenaa Creative Living, located in the backyard of a historical factory in the centre of Copenhagen.

The new Outline Desk was the focus of the studio’s anniversary exhibition. Born from a longing for a minimal yet essential space that pillars forward-thinking and outward-looking, the design exudes craft and humility with architectural clarity and grace. Thoughtfully designed, the desk features understated details that reveal themselves upon closer inspection. Sleek lines create a graphic interplay of steel frames that holds the solid oak tabletop and drawers, giving the Outline Desk a classic yet contemporary look.

Included in the 2022 3daysofdesign exhibition were one-of-a-kind paintings and sculptures created by Brand and Design Director Kristina Dam. A stand out for me, the incredible and unique black Stool Sculpture is made of defects from the Stool production, giving new life to leftover pieces with minor imperfections.


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