How to bring cozy Danish hygge style into your home | Home & Garden


Candles can create a calming, cozy ambience in any room. 

The Danish concept of “hygge” means cozy, warm and comfortable. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it’s an idea, culture and mood, and it’s been exported around the world as people seek to embrace cold weather.

Hygge offers a way to create a space all your own if you’re renting, add stability and structure to a busy life or simply help you relax and feel good. We’ll take you through some of the ways to incorporate it into your home, ranging from decoration tips to daily habits. Once you embrace hygge, you’ll wonder what you were doing without it.

There are three specific areas that should be emphasized when it comes to hygge: the bedroom, the bathroom and any outdoor space.


Three books, available on, to guide your hygge-style journey:

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