Instagram influencer media kits: 3,000 to 1 million followers

  • Like media firms, Instagram influencers use media kits to pitch them selves to makes. 
  • With monetizable features on Instagram, these kinds of as in-feed posts, Stories, Reels, IGTV, and Lives, influencers offer you advertisers a wide range of articles forms.
  • Organization Insider spoke with 6 Instagram influencers who shared the exact media kits they use to land model sponsorships. 
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Like advert-supported media small business, Instagram influencers rely on manufacturer specials as a source of earnings.

With a assortment of monetizable functions on Instagram, these kinds of as in-feed posts, Tales, Reels, IGTV, and Lives, influencers offer advertisers a array of material types.

Manufacturers are established to shell out up to $15 billion on influencer marketing and advertising by 2022, according to Company Insider Intelligence. And they’re hiring creators with significant and little audiences throughout a large vary of information groups.

Micro influencers (who frequently have much less than 100,000 followers) have become a superior precedence for models. Quite a few micro influencers — and even some nano influencers with much less than 10,000 followers — have turned their social media hobbies into paid side-hustles by working with models.

To get these specials, influencers often use media kits to showcase their benefit to a firm, providing audience metrics and listing the advertisers they’ve worked with. Some kits also contain pay prices. 

“I update my media kit likely every month for the reason that it’s basically your resume or your portfolio that you might be sending into manufacturers,” Macy Mariano, an Instagram influencer, advised Small business Insider previous thirty day period.

Listed here are 6 illustrations of real media kits that influencers use to land brand name deals on Instagram (purchased from the very least followers to most):