Light and Beauty: Floor Lamps from Bellavista Collection

You needn’t be anexpertto realize thatin interior design proper lighting matters no less than, say, furniture, wall color or artwork. It’s just common sense. Your room could be beautifully designed and furnished with grand-looking Italian luxury furniture, but it won’t be truly comfortable if you have tostrain your eyes because of too dim light.

Also, it’s reasonable to plan the room design with lighting in mind.In other words, you should determine how your room will be litbefore furnishing it, not after. It will help you avoid unpleasant surprises like poorly lit spots in your room exactly where you need light the most.

Whenconsidering the light sources you will need, say, for your living room, designers recommend to bear in mind that relatively large roomsusually require ambient, task, and probably accentlighting as well. Ambientlightingfrom an overhead fixture will provide overall illumination, task lighting will direct light to theparticular zones, and accent lighting will be useful for highlightingindividualobjects, such as shelves or pieces of artwork.

Aspacious room often needs more than a single overhead fixture. If you want your room to feel comfortable, it’s a good idea to place different types of lighting fixtures atdifferent points of the space.

Scones, table lamps, and floor lamps will help you make your room really inviting, homish, and well-lit where you need it.Just add a floor lamp to an armchair standing in a corner – and you’ll get a cozy reading nook tocurl up with a book or magazine.

Standing Tall: Floor Lamps for Ambient and Task Lighting

For many people, a floor lamp is more just a lighting fixture. They have been a traditional source of lightfor many generations– a century ago, our great-grandparents enjoyed them as much as we do now. Also, a designer floor lamp can serve asalovely decorative element perfectly fitting into the interior. Along with lighting a room, a well-picked floor lamp can make it special.

Floor lamps stand tall in modern rooms. These lamps have been popular for decades and still show no signs of going out of fashion.

These days, table lamps come in a wide variety of styles and designs, from traditionally-looking to high-tech style ones. Thanks to progress of technologies, floor lamps with LED, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs are now more common than incandescent (tungsten)bulbs our parents used. But, whatever their design, floor lamps usually have some design features in common.

First, all table lamps have a weighty base to provide stability of the entire structure.

Second, each table lamp typically has a pole or some similar detail, which is used for elevatingthe lightsin order tohold them at the proper height.

Third, it has at least one lamp socket, usually installed at the top of the pole.Depending on the design, there could be 2 or 3 light bulbs as well, sosuch a floor lamb lights the room much brighter.

Fourth, each floor lamp has at least one switch to operate it.

Fifth, a lamp shade around or over the light bulbs, whichdirects the light and protectsusers’ eyes from the glare.

People commonly positionfloor lamps in the corners of a room, as well as behind or beside sofas or armchairs. But it should be noted that choice of a table lamp depends on its purpose. When you place itat the edge or in the corner of a room, you usually want more of ambient light.  For this purpose, atorchiere floor lamp will be a good option. Thanks to itsshade, light bounces back off the ceiling, providing mellow reflected light. But floor lamps of this type won’t do if you are going to read under it. In this case, you need the lamp that gives more focused light.

Floor Lamps from Bellavista Collection:Top Quality, Great Design

Since lighting is an unclearable part of interior design, many firmsthat offer furniture and other products for furnishing homes, sell lightning fixtures. For example, Bellavista Collection is known mostly for its selection ofItalian luxury furniture,but its designer lighting fixtures is definitely worth your attention, too. If you browse through Bellavista’s Its web resource, you will instantly spot Lighting category, with sub-categories namedSconces, ChandeliersCandle Holders, Table Lamps, and Floor Lamps.

Let’s open Floor Lamps sub-category and look at the assortment. The very first impression is that Bellavista’sfloor lamps look verydifferent, remaining amazinglychic.The incredible diversity of Attilio Zanni’sdesign solutions proves that this brilliant all-round designer reallythinks outside the box.Just look at the structures of SISTERand ROSETTA floor lamps.Take a glance at LANTERNA with its somehow high-tech exterior.

Want something classic-looking? What about TOSCA then? Or CAROL, with its linen lampshade, hammered cast bronze pole with a handy tray so handy to put a book or a cup of coffee on?

ISABELLA lamp is among the newest pieces created in 2018. Its design of resembles trendy arc lamps. This lovely lamp belongs to Dulcechina collection,which was successfully shown at two significant trade events: Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison&Objet in Paris.

Lamps from Bellavista Collection are very popular with consumers for a number of reasons. The first one surely is talent of Bellavista’s designer Attilio Zanni. For many years this extremely gifted designer has been creating a vast variety of extraordinarily dissimilar items, from statuettes and lamps to furniture items and decorative wall paneling. He putshis heart and soul into the designs, andBellavista’s customers appreciate it. One more reason is that all the items from Bellavista, including lamps, are made only of the top-quality materials. The company has never cut corners – and isn’t going to.Only the most qualified Italian workers work at Bellavista’s workshops. That is why, the company’s customers get the very best for their homes: the best furniture to furnish their rooms and the best lamps to light their homes.