Mom Accused of ‘Sexualizing’ Daughter After Asking Her to Cover up at Home


A mom sharing how she questioned her teen daughter to “deal with-up” at home has sparked debate on the web.

In a post that has acquired much more than 100 responses on the common dialogue web site Mumsnet, user Arghteens questioned if she was incorrect to talk to her teenager daughter to “dress properly at dwelling.”

In the submit, the Mumsnet person wrote: “15-calendar year-outdated daughter has taken to sporting really very low slice tops lately. She finds them comfy but they are really revealing. I have not commented on her sporting these around the dwelling but did ask her to protect up at meal with her dad and brother.

“She is upset as feels she can don what she likes and other folks should really deal with it. I feel it is inappropriate at dinner as [it] can make some others feel unpleasant.”

Teen daughter bored arguing with mom
A file photograph of a teen woman searching bored while arguing with her mom. A female telling her daughter to “go over up” at dinner has sparked discussion on the internet.
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Parenting expert and marketing consultant Kirsty Ketley who operates Auntie K’s Childcare Support instructed Newsweek: “Teens dress a lot more ‘adult’ than their age mainly because set basically, they are growing up. When I was a teenager, I was influenced by pop stars and types in journals. These days, teens have the included impact of social media.

“It can be a minefield conversing about your daughter’s selection of clothes, it can have disastrous consequences for her self-esteem if not taken care of suitable.”

Responses on the dialogue thread ended up break up, with some commenters agreeing with the mom that her daughter’s alternative of outfit was inappropriate.

1 commenter stated: “I would not want to see the males of the residence sat there with trousers showing fifty percent their butts at dinner, so no, you are not currently being unreasonable.”

“Sounds like she is pushing boundaries and notice-searching for,” said yet another reply: “I wouldn’t give her any focus tbh.”

But other commenters slammed the mother for her reaction to her daughter’s outfit. 1 Mumsnet user wrote: “Why are you sexualizing your child?” In the meantime, yet another commenter said: “She’s a baby, in her very own dwelling, dressing in a specific way mainly because it is really relaxed. You are sexualizing her and, even worse, implying that her brother and father are incestuous pedophiles.”

1 mom agreed that conversing to your kid about their outfit is vital. They wrote: “I have advised my daughter when anything she’s sporting is inappropriate. Teaching my children proper boundaries is aspect of parenting.”

“Seriously, if your baby is in the dwelling, it is their safe and sound area and they should be ready to have on regardless of what they feel comfy in and when out and about, it is their self confidence in their possess skin that you want,” explained Ketley: “They will quickly discover that the heels were as well superior, or the dress as well not comfortable, but I do believe it is critical to have a discussion with our ladies about how modern society objectifies gals. Whilst dressing to feel attractive is a authentic expression, this shouldn’t be because they truly feel force to conform to other’s beliefs.”

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