In my location of the island of Maui, there is a lady acknowledged as The Chicken Girl. She is a excellent buddy of mine. There are almost certainly various so-identified as rooster ladies in this article, but I am chatting about the a person in Kihei.

Kihei is the Waikiki of Maui, a lot more or significantly less. There are subdivisions with properties and roads, but there are also many condominiums for vacationers. Amid all the touristry-similar outlets and condominium structures, there are tiny segments of Kihei that have forests and meadows. These areas look pristine just like in the days when Maui royalty and younger warriors walked this little location of earth.

But in this article in 2010, and for the earlier various several years, each individual day at 5:00 p.m., my pal drives along a lessen highway in Kihei and turns remaining onto a road which name I shall not divulge, but I will say it operates parallel to — and in between — Uwapo Road and Kanani Road. There is forest on every aspect of this highway — as there are on a lot of of the reduce streets in Kihei. The Black-Crowned Night Herons and the Hawaiian Stilt birds share the prime of the forest canopy involving dusk and dawn, but through the working day they fly to refreshing water ponds several blocks absent. My close friend parks wherever the forest starts on the suitable shoulder of the highway facing the mountains — in other phrases, heading mauka. The Crimson Junglefowl dwell listed here and the other side of the highway, way too. Red Junglefowl (gallus gallus) stay throughout the island of Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands. They are of the pheasant family members and at first have been in India, Sri Lanka and southeastern Asia. They have now been on the Hawaiian Islands for generations They have been on the Hawaiian Islands for generations. The males are colourful with crimson feathers on their heads and chest. The males have violet and turquoise tail feathers. The hens are various beige and brown shades which camouflage them very well.

It is pretty a sight to see as she comes, driving 15-20 miles for each hour in her little pink car or truck. The chickens and the chicks on the right aspect of the street see her coming, so they commence to operate forward to meet her. She has to push previous them and then swerve to the ideal shoulder so she will not operate down the thirsty, hungry minimal chicks or their moms. There can be an equivalent red car or truck ahead of her by two blocks prior to she comes, nonetheless the chickens just stand there and wait around. They know the exclusive sound of her automobile. When they see her automobile a block away and verify to by themselves that it truly is her vehicle engine they are listening to, they and their minor chicks run ahead. The roosters hang back again and view.

Persons push by and some give a cheer for the racing hens and the tiny chicks. Random male drivers in select-up vehicles pace by, some hanging on to their steering wheels with a right elbow and a proper wrist, their heads trapped at a strange angle out the driver’s doorway window, obscenities spewing from their mouths and then they yell, “Nuts Rooster Girl.” It appears to be that the weirdest adult males on Maui have something towards the survival of the Junglefowl. They also show up to intensely dislike any middle-aged woman in a dishevelled, feeding-the-chickens-kine costume and hair up in a bun or it’s possible it’s just this a person middle-aged girl they dislike. My mate ignores the cheers and the jeers.

She has instructed her close friends — when they have requested — that she mostly goes to area fresh h2o in containers for the fowl because they are thirsty. As quickly as she pours the water, they operate to get their very first sips of drinking water for the working day. She is familiar with that Junglefowl can forage bugs from the forest’s ground, but she feels sorry for the chickens, chicks and roosters if they don’t have water in this humid, warm temperature. And, she factors, since she’s there in any case, she could possibly as effectively throw a minimal hen scratch their way.

She has to be agile when she arrives. She stops the car and extremely immediately pulls the lever beside the driver’s seat to open up the trunk. She grabs her gallon-size jug of drinking water sitting down in the passenger’s seat, leaps out of the motor vehicle, runs to the back again of the vehicle, throws the trunk door up, scoops out a bowlful of chicken scratch, throws the contents to the fowl to her suitable, then refills the bowl and jogs across the avenue with hen scratch in just one hand and a weighty jug of drinking water in the other. That’s how it all goes when all the things goes suitable.

If there is visitors coming, she won’t be able to cross, so she has to yell at the chickens and roosters throughout the street to remain there. They are really miffed that the chickens on the right aspect of the street always get fed first. There are ordinarily very little chicks to feed on the ideal facet of the street and if the mother hens do not get fed quick, they run towards the center of the street with their broods squeaking and peep-peeping shut guiding.

There is 1 rooster on the still left aspect of the street that a person dropped there just lately and he will not wait around an added next if my friend are not able to jog quickly across the street. This rooster is not a Junglefowl. He is some sort of mainland wide range and very intent on becoming the to start with 1 she greets. Frequently, my mate has to quit website traffic by placing her arm and hand up in the air so she can get to the other facet pretty promptly as the rooster is by now 50 percent way across. Once she receives to the other aspect, he follows her there and tries to get in front of her to beg to be petted. She doesn’t pet him. She throws hen scratch for him, but he ignores it at to start with and follows her as she rinses water bowls, refills the water bowls and throws hen scratch for the waiting around fowl. These, then, are the strategies and basic strategies my mate takes advantage of to feed and drinking water the Junglefowl in her minor corner of Maui: Give them h2o, give them a small foods and give them kindness for the limited time they are capable to appreciate existence. And do whatever can be accomplished to secure them from the roadway they selected to stay beside prolonged ahead of she arrived on Maui. Towards this intent, she spots the h2o bowls and rooster scratch via the tall fence to the forest facet.

For some reason, there is hardly ever a chick to be observed on the left facet of the street, though currently there has been just one. It’s challenging to say why the chicks on the still left facet of the highway don’t endure additional than one or two days, but the chicks on the ideal aspect of the road do.

Teenaged Junglefowl roosters go missing from either side of the street each and every the moment in awhile, too. There are a lot more than 30 cats on every facet of the highway who are fed by their colony caretakers, a person and wife team, each and every night time just after darkish. But there are other predators in the forest also. They are gentlemen and their sons who established snares every single month or two to catch younger roosters and just take them dwelling. These guys elevate youthful roosters to adulthood so they can area the defenseless birds in rooster fights. With the snares the adult men established, they from time to time inadvertently capture hens and chicks. They permit them go, most very likely, when they arrive for their snared youthful male birds. Unfortunately, lots of cats have been caught in the plastic fishing-reel string, much too. Most of the cats die from starvation and suffering. I know of one particular cat that chewed its paw off and was found by a cat caretaker, checked out at the Maui Humane Culture and supplied a clean invoice of health. That is a rare happy tale in the forests of snared victims.

There are also circumstances where by mothers and dads go into the forests with each other and manage to catch or web a few younger hens for the sake of having them property to be part of their yard hens and ruling rooster. There is poverty on Maui, so this is an easy to understand self-sustaining selection of a family and I do not consider folks are predators who simply just want to feed their family members by attaining a several much more laying hens.

But the guys who arrive in their big decide on-up vehicles with their youthful, impressionable sons and screech their tires, leaving, when my pal comes these are the men and women I call predators. The law enforcement on Maui can quickly see who these rooster-fighting adult males are for the reason that they have blue barrels established up in their yards with roosters chained beside the upside-down blue barrels. If there is a single relatives on Maui who has this type of set-up and they are really just boosting roosters for the reason of providing them to people who elevate hens, I apologize in progress. This may perhaps be the scenario in some several cases throughout the islands and they are exempted from the description I give now. There is not a certain ethnicity listed here in the Hawaiian Islands that believe that it is their cultures’s correct — as Georgie Fong of Haiku places it — to enslave, imprison and kill the roosters no, there are a lot of who feel it is their right. Of system, not all individuals within those ethnicities are supportive of rooster fighting. I really don’t know of any surveys to show if the supporters of rooster-fighting in every single ethnicity are the minority or irrespective of whether they are the majority. If these types of surveys have been finished, I would like to discover the results of these kinds of surveys.


Bets are created powering the scenes. The location of the following rooster-combating function is prepared. How several law enforcement officers in the Maui Police Section know about the function in advance of time and opt for not to show up at and not to arrest individuals involved, but alternatively flip a blind eye? I do not know. How numerous police officers in the Maui Law enforcement Department (and other police departments across the Hawaiian Islands) make bets on their own on this so-called activity? I do not know. I hope the answer is none. But the situations are held frequently. Two roosters are drugged into a point out of aggression. Razor blades are strapped on to their legs and they are forced to start their combat to the demise. This is pure, unadulterated cruelty to animals. Also, it is negligence of parents to children if some of these mother and father actually consider their young children or adolescents to the rooster-fights. But that latter assertion may perhaps only be my belief. The previous statement is not viewpoint. Cockfighting is a misdemeanor beneath Hawaii Point out Regulation, punishable by a maximum high-quality of $2000 and one 12 months in prison.

In April of this year, a resolution was handed (HCR277) which supports cockfighting as a cultural activity. The resolution was introduced by a few reps stating that cockfighting is a national activity in the Philippines and a “cherished tradition in numerous cultures all through the globe.” There was wonderful opposition by animal groups to the resolution. The Maui Humane Society’s spokesperson, for occasion, stated that cockfighting is not cultural and is a cruel crime. It is tough to believe that that the resolution was passed, but it was — because of to the Residence Tourism, Lifestyle and Intercontinental Affairs Committee’s consideration.

The resolution does not give any human being in Hawaii any authorized appropriate to carry out this cruelty. Cockfighting is even now illegal right here on Maui and all over the Hawaiian Islands.

The other day at the airport as I was boarding a aircraft, the back again of a man’s T-shirt caught my eye. There was an graphic of a beautiful rooster silkscreened on to the T-shirt. The wording mentioned, “Cockfighting is NOT illegal. It can be our tradition.”


My buddy feels the the very least she can do is give the Junglefowl some drinking water and foodstuff just about every night ahead of sunset, so she puts up with the verbal abuse. If she is at any time spat upon — and she figures that’s likely likely to be the upcoming stage — she suggests her tactic then will be to make her ‘chicken run’ an early early morning errand instead of an afternoon delight. She wishes she could do a lot more.

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