Newburyport February Building Permits – News – Marblehead Reporter

Address; owner/contracter; description of work; cost

Alteration/Repair Permits

Tuesday, Feb. 4

• 150 Merrimac St.; Cashman Park LLC/Avery Woodworth; build interior walls for offices, remove non-load bearing walls; $5,000.

• 6 Noble St.; Stephanie Homer/Renewal by Andersen; replacement patio door, replacement windows; $25,113.

• 43 Federal St.; Kevin & Helen Milton/Joshua Tebou; partial remodel master bath, frame in the unused fireplace, which is capped; $10,050.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

• 47 Washington St.; Tim & Kristen Kilty/Garenflo, Thomas; create a new 3/4 bath with walkin shower, remodel adjacent bedroom; $24,700.

Thursday, Feb. 6

• 21 Harrison St.; Stephen & Meghan Bonanno; remodel kitchen, remove non-load bearing wall; $30,000.

• 166 Water St.; Steven French; repairs to wall rot, (2) replacement windows; $3,000.

Monday, Feb. 10

• 3 Knights Lane; Martin Desch/Scott Veggeberg; air sealing, duct sealing, attic stair cover; $2,600.

• 8 Bartlett Drive; Guy Bresnahan/Benjamin Parker; replace (1) patio door, no structural; $3,000.

Tuesday, Feb. 11

• 161 Northern Boulevard; Carol Novak; install spray foam insulation in attic, then cover with drywall; $3,500.

• 4 Sullivan Drive; Mark Crowley/Jeffrey Connors; remove tub, install 5’ shower unit, no structural; $20,000.

• 55 Ashland St.; Michael Marley/Jeff Veglia Remodeling LLC; remodel bathroom, no structural work; $21,835.

• 11 Harbor St.; 11 Harbor Realty Trust/Douglas Hopkins ; renovate kitchen, new drywall, electrical and cabinets; $18,000.

• 10 Chain Bridge Drive; Matthew Sweet/Kyle Greene; roof mount solar with 27 panels and all equipment. (8.64 kw) no structural; $47,629.

• 10 Adams St.; Douglas Moran/Nick Terletskiy; remove roofing, new underlayment, flashing and permalock metal roofing; $12,647.

Thursday, Feb. 13

• 253 Low St.; The Charger LLC/Daniel Marcantonio; interior fit up for All State Insurance (Amendment 2-26-2020 to change the electrical wall door, no charge); $42,500.

• 29.5 Tyng St.; Susan St John/Karl Rogers; remove siding and some trim, new housewrap, flashing, cement board siding and trim; $31,289.

• 154 Water St.; J. T. Sarkis, Trustee/Michael Joy/Mill City Energy; blown-in wall insulation, 12-inch garage ceiling insulation; $2,882.

• 8 Salem St.; David Ross/Renewal by Andersen; 1 replacement windows, no structural; $5,498.

• 126 Merrimac St.; Marie Belanger & James Valente/Sean Mindes; renovate (1) bathroom, fixtures in same location, no structural; $15,200.

Friday, Feb. 14

• 248 High St.; Michael & Paula Kelley; convert existing garage space (detached) to additional living space as per plan; $75,000.

• 30 Green St.; Geraard Rogers Mgmt., LLC/Jeremy Carlisle; create (2) office spaces out of existing space of (1) office; $4,935.

Tuesday, Feb. 18

• 8 Lavalley Lane; Donna Kretsch/Theodore Horwath; change kitchen cabinets, enlarge one cased opening doorway with new header; $27,300.

• 19 Marlboro St.; 19 Marlboro St LLC/Brett Workman; interior demo for exploratory and remove some siding only, no windows until full permit is approved with ZBA approvals; $24,000.

• 11 Sylvester St.; Stephanie Olenik/Perry Brothers Construction; replace 10 windows with Harvey replacement double hung windows, no structural; $5,300.

• 20 Oakland St.; Averill Haines/Creamer, Patrick; remove tub and shower walls, install new tub with wall surround, no structural work; $9,850.

• 261 Marrimac St.; Anthony Carbone/Kyle Greene; roof mount solar with 17 panels and all equipment, reinforce rafters per P.E. letter; $30,028.

• 56 Ferry Road; 56 Ferry Rd LLC/Ronalto G Deaguiar; construct 24 by 48 foot addition for two-car garage, mudroom and kitchen expansion, interior renovations first and second floor, add bedroom to second floor, front door move to Erie Ave, 6 by 22 foot curved porch; $305,500.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

• 74 Prospect St.; Cynthia Kowal/Peter Leblanc; air sealing, attic blown-in 9 inch insulation, blown-in exterior walls, insulate basement rim joists on both sides of a duplex; $8,900.

• Thursday, Feb. 20

8 Parsons St.; Bruce Kieffer/William Killkelly; remove shingles on main roof and one lower roof, new flashing and underlayment with new asphalt shingles, replace rubber roof on three flat roofs; $4,550.

• 154 Water St.; J.T. Sarkis, Trustee/Michael Joy; exterior wall insulation (1 Franklin St B); $1,982.

• 39 Moseley Ave.; Gregory Lewis/Kyle Greene; roof mount solar 37 panels with all equipment, no structural; $62,447.

• 69 Curzon Mill Road; Sean Wahl/Scott Veggeberg; air sealing, rafter vents, attic 6 inch blown-in insulation, insulate attic, knee wall, vent (2) bath fans $5,700.

• 161 Crow Lane; Maryellen Moreland/Scott Veggeberg; air sealing, 10 inches attic blown-in insulation, attic stair cover; $2,500.

• 76 Prospect St.; Cynthia Kowal/Peter Leblanc air sealing, (1) roof vent, attic insulation, blown-in, exterior insulation blown in, basement rim joist insulation; $9,400.

• 4 Brown Ave.; Kenneth Groder/Allan Veilleux; air sealing, attic blown-in insulation, exterior wall blown-in insulation, vent bath fans and dryer to exterior; $7,061.

• 12 Briggs Ave.; Sotirios Asprogiannis/Kyle Greene; roof mount solar with (22) panels and all equipment, no structural; $38,860.

• 6 Parsons St.; Donna and Joseph Holaday/William Killkelly; remove roofing, install new underlayment, flashing and asphalt shingles on main roof and lower roofs (entire building), istall new rubber roofing on flat roofs; $4,550.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

• 32 Daniel Lucy Way; Laura Berube/Kyle Greene; roof mount solar with (37) panels and all equipment, (11.84kw), no structural; $65,356.

• 4 Greenleaf St.; 4-6 Greenleaf Condo Assoc./Wilson Valdez; roof (1) side of both units, remove roofing, new underlayment, flashing and asphalt shingles; $7,800.

• 36 North Atkinson St.; Richard & Pat Batten/Adam True; finish part of attic for (1) bedroom, (355 square feet), new stairs to third floor, (2) new windows, one is egress compliant for bedroom (not for a Living Unit); $61,375.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

• 41 High St.; Robert Lloyd; repair existing foundation; $13,000.

• 3-5 School St.; 3-5 School Street CBC, LLC/Patrick Reddy; conduct exploratory interior demolition for design purposes $5,000.

• 10.5 Auburn St.; Charles Griffin/Ben Perez; construct 20 by 26 foot one story addition for kitchen/living space, remodel main building (ZBA Variance & Historical Preservation attached); $400,000.

Thursday, Feb. 27

• 56 Temple St.; Susan Williamson/Peter Leblanc; air sealing, exterior walls blown- in insulation, insulate basement rim joists; $4,466.

• 10 Marquand Lane; Sean Miles/James Pike; remove kitchen wall, install LVL beam, new posts and footings; $9,500.

• 7 Gove Drive; Juan Lopez/Kyle Greene; roof solar with (28) panels and all equipment, 8.96kw, no structural; $49,459.

Friday, Feb. 28

• 39 State St.; Campbell Trumbull LLC/Jason Tate; remove roofing, new underlayment, flashing and asphalt shingles, re-install snow guards; $23,000.

• 39 Moseley Ave.; Gregory Lewis/Enda Garry; remove roofing, new underlayment, flashing, venting and asphalt shingles; $8,000.

• 110 Low St.; William Degen/Felix Rosario; remove all roofing, new underlayment, flashing and asphalt shingles, new lead flashing for chimney; $8,700.

• 47 High St.; remodel (2) bathrooms, remove tubs and build walk-in showers; $16,000.

Display Sign

Tuesday, Feb. 4

• 427 Marrimac St.; Lisette Marquis/Alpha Graphics; 8.5 by 3 foot oval wall sign (fee paid $0.00 on permit D-2019-0029); $0.00.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

• 5 Water St.; Gina DiGiovanni/Green House/Port Signworks; 20.75 by 26 inch projecting sign, double sided, no lighting; $690.

New Building

Tuesday, Feb. 25

• 2 Gabaree Court; Evergreen Commons LLC/Michael McDonald new single family home with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 6 rooms, 15 by 21 foot bonus room over garage, 10 by 14 foot sunroom, 7 by 25 foot covered front porch, unfinished basement; $293,220.

Sheet Metal

Friday, Feb. 14

• 20 Ashland St.; Brad Kutcher/Hillis Corp, dba Frank’s Heating; install (2) warm air furnaces with AC and all duct work, one in basement, one on second floor (A-2019-0454); $23,000.

Friday, Feb. 21

• 1 Jefferson Court; Mark Robertson/Caswell Mechanical; (2) warm air furnaces and new duct work for first and second floor; $20,000.

• 16 Hancock St.; Windward Shaw/Hillis Corp, dba Frank’s Heating; (2) warm air furnaces with A/C and all ductwork, vent stove, dryer and bath fans; $23,000.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

• 38R Merrimac St.; Newburyport Manager/Sheetmetal Systems & Dexign Inc.; Tuscan Kitchen, new sheet metal connected to new RTU-s, RTU by others, (4) kitchen exhaust fans, vent bathrooms (A-2020-0062); $95,000.

• 184 High St.; Michael & Sarah Quealy/Hillis Corp, dba Frank’s Heating; (2) high efficient warm air furnaces with AC and all duct work, vent dryer and bath fans (A-2019-0657); $25,000.

• 155 High St.; Jeremy Healey/Dipietro Heating & Cooling; installing air handler, first floor (A-2019-0577); $16,500.

Friday, Feb. 28

• 3 63rd St.; Seacoast Homes LLC/Kearney HVAC (1) high efficient furnace with AC and duct work for first floor, (1) mitsubishi unit for second floor (B-2019-0034); $15,000.

Swimming Pool

Thursday, Feb. 27

• 38 Harding Ave.; Anthony Yuhasz/Wilson Pool; 16 by 32 foot steel wall inground pool with vinyl liner, gates and barriers comply with 2015 ISPSC; $36,100.

61 Permits Issued

Estimated cost: $2,171,472.