Pricing for Helium 10: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Helium 10 Review and Pricing

Running a successful online ecommerce business across various platforms is possible with Helium 10. It has a wide range of capabilities for selling goods, particularly on the Walmart and Amazon platforms. The amazon helium 10 is a service that offers Commerce solutions and equips you with everything you need to succeed on Amazon. It’s comparable to giving your online store an unfair advantage over rivals. The fact that anyone can subscribe to the service is the only thing that makes it fair. The quantity you receive from a single package of helium 10 is what makes it so excellent. 

Know about Helium 10 plans

  • Starter

When paid annually, the Starter plan costs $29 per month, and when paid monthly, it costs $39 per month. It includes a number of features for people who are starting an online business.

  • Account Options

The Freedom ticket FBA training is the most significant account feature you receive with this plan. This has more than 100 courses from professionals in the field that will help you launch and manage a profitable Amazon e-commerce business. Additionally, you are permitted to use two connected seller accounts on both Walmart and

  • Product Analysis

The Amazon product research feature may only be used 20 times under this plan. In order to significantly increase your chances of making more money, use this research tool to help you identify the top products in terms of popularity and keywords.

Similar to this, you may utilize Amazon’s trends finder tool to see which products have been popular over the past 30 days. As a result, you can select a product. Additionally, you can acquire and set up the X-ray Chrome extension, which will confirm the legitimacy of a particular Amazon product you select. Similar to that, the Xray for Walmart extension included in this plan permits up to 50 launches for validating the products on Walmart.

Know about keyword analysis

The following resources can be used to assist with keyword research under this plan, but your access is restricted.

  • Utilize Cerebro to hunt up products using their specific Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Walmart can be treated similarly.
  • Magnet is a keyword research tool that enables you to choose the terms that are most pertinent to your product. It is offered by both Walmart and Amazon.
  • You can use the Misspellinator tool to find misspelt words up to 20 times.

Learn about Listing 

Numerous seller tools are at your disposal to assist you optimize your listing and get high technical rankings. The SEO component needs to be managed by you in order for your products to appear for the relevant keywords.

You receive the following tools with this plan:

  • For 30 days, you have access to Frankenstein, an Amazon keyword tool that can assist you in choosing the most pertinent keywords for your products.
  • Index Checker: Use this tool up to six times during this plan to ensure that Amazon has correctly indexed your products.

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