Several disadvantages you can face while using the social platform Instagram

Hasil gambar untuk Several disadvantages you can face while using the social platform Instagram

 The mobile application Instagram is the most popular social platform for sharing images and videos in the world.It was developed in 2010 and by 2012 there were already billions of people using the application. At this time Instagram became the biggest competitor of the social platform Facebook , so the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy Instagram Followers and he did it. It is an interesting fact that Mark Zuckerberg paid 1 billion dollars in cash to the previous owners of Instagram. Now the two platforms are working together with no competition between them.In fact many social experts have noticed that the number of people using Facebook decreases every day. Many people between 15 – 35 years old no longer use Facebook and their focus is on Instagram now. The younger generation is so addicted to the platform and evidence,proving this thesis  is that many teenagers and adults are actually buying cheap Instagram likes in order to have their Instagram page look more attractive. Although Instagram could be really useful and can bring many advantages and benefits,especially for business purposes, there are a couple of disadvantages that we are going to mention in this article. If you want to be aware of the disadvantages of the usage of Instagram, continue reading this article.

  • The mobile application Instagram has no desktop version that works entirely properly. Well, there exists a desktop version of Instagram, however the access to the functions and tools is really restricted. For example  you can still publish videos and images ,but the communication connection is missing. If you use Instagram on your personal computer you will not have access to your personal message section.Even more, the full function of Instagram is available only for iOS and Android users, but there are many people who use Windows mobile or Blackberry and they are not able to use the entire functions that Instagram provides. The owners of the application should really think of improving the application and make it reachable to everyone , no matter the device that a specific person is using.
  • If the size of an image is bigger than the established size by Instagram (1080px width -1080px  height ) you must crop the image when you are publishing it. It might be really annoying when you have a great picture where for example you and your friends are all together and when you want to publish it on Instagram the application obligates you to crop the image in order to fit the proportions that Instagram requaiers. Maybe this is understandable for many people because after all Instagram is a mobile application and the images should fit a mobile device proportions. However Facebook, Twitter or even TikTok are also apps that have mobile versions but you can post the whole image without any crops. If the other applications we mentioned allow you to upload a full size image , why doesn’t Instagram as well? Here is another thing Mark Zuckerberg should consider and improve.
  • The copyright of photographers’ photos could be lost easily.  On Instagram everyone can republish a post without asking for permission and people can always use your photos, no matter if you give them permission to do that or not. 

Even though there are some disadvantages of the usage of the social platform Instagram, the benefits that the application is capable of bringing are many more. Especially if you use the app for business purposes, the result can satisfy you totally. In the next article we are going to talk about all the advantages that Instagram can provide so keep in touch and do not miss your chance to be aware of all the benefits that are waiting for you.