Styles For Bathroom Vanities – Choosing Traditional Wood Or Contemporary Metal

When many think of a bathroom vanity, they think of the traditional wood style, which often includes a wooden cabinet and a stone countertop. This isn’t the only style for bathroom vanities, however. As many want the storage that comes with such a fixture but can’t have wood in the bathroom, contemporary bathroom vanities have become an alternative. With a body made of glass and wood, these combine the sink and cabinet purposes of a bathroom vanity and are made from materials that won’t warp inside a bathroom over time. If you’re considering replacing a sink with a vanity, both traditional and contemporary designs have their benefits.

Traditional bathroom vanities are almost always made out of wood, be it natural wood or a made-made material like plywood. The wood is finished, and many manufacturers have finishes ranging from mahogany to light ash colors. But, while the wood cabinet is the storage component, the sink for this type of fixture is almost always porcelain and the counter surrounding is stone, either natural or man-made as well. Higher-end designs might even have a granite or full marble countertop. As a full unit, the vanity has cabinets and drawers below that can store various items ranging from cleaning supplies and towels to toiletries, shaving products, and hair tools. Additionally, various manufacturers often carry mirrors to match these wood designs.

Contemporary bathroom vanities, on the other hand, offer compact style. Generally, contemporary décor is characterized by minimalism, with solid colors, simple lines, and curved edges. Contemporary bathroom vanities have such style but their most significant asset is being compact. In many cases, the cabinet for such a design is separate from the sink, and the two components – or three, if a mirror is involved – can be rearranged in the bathroom to suit your storage and space needs.