Want a Comfortable Home? These Tips on Properly Clean the House

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Cleanliness is very closely related to health. Starting with yourself, cleaning up the environment and having a clean home is everyone’s dream. Of course, before cleaning you have to think about a few things, like how often do we need to clean this room? What should we actually clean? And what most often comes to our mind is, where do we start cleaning up all this from?

You have to prepare to rearrange the contents of the house, clean it from dust, to organize anything that is still used or not necessary, it will make your home feel clean and comfortable. You also have to pay attention to which areas or corners actually need extra attention when cleaning. And what needs to be cleaned in the area, here are some areas that need to be cleaned at home:

1. Start from the very front

The first area that greets guests when you come to your house is the front yard. Therefore, start with this area by sweeping every day, uprooting wild plants, and moss around the fence wall. After cleaning the fence wall, replacing the wall paint again can help welcome the friendly guests in your home. Not everything has to be new, repaint the fence with a little extra neatly arranged potted green plants can also give a fresh impression when entering your home. You can call surrey painting services to paint your home perfectly.

2. Make guests comfortable at home

The living room can reflect your home as a whole. Making guests comfortable is the goal of the occupants of the house, by cleaning the living room where a guest can stop by can be one way. You can clean it from dust or stains that are on the living room sofa, washing the pillow to replace the carpet for once a year must be done in order to get a clean-living room. You can also apply the beautiful color to your living room by hiring the best interior painting company.

After that you can continue to the window area, clean the window at least 2 times a year to give good results, you can at the same time clean the roster which is a vent made of cement and sand that is printed because this roster helps to channel fresh air into the house.

3. Don’t forget family comfort

The family room becomes an important area that must be considered in more detail in its comfort because this is where all family members gather to enjoy each other’s company. Therefore, you do not forget the cleanliness of this room which will certainly increase the level of comfort.

Can be started by cleaning the sofa by vacuuming, changing pillowcases for 3-6 months periodically, cleaning the trinkets in this family room by sorting out which ones are still used or not, to wipe them from dust that can disrupt air circulation later.

4. Clean food in a neat kitchen

Preparing food and eating dishes, now this can be done at once in the kitchen because it is connected directly to the dining room. Areas that are sufficient to collect stubborn food stains must be given extra attention to some parts of the room, such as sinks, stoves, ovens, and refrigerators. If there is a broken home appliance, you may soon have to bring it to the painters in Burnaby.

With fairly frequent use the dishwasher must be cleaned every day after use, simply washed clean because the level of concentration of microorganisms is quite high at home. Don’t forget to clean the oven once in 6 months, by removing each of the existing racks and soaking them with warm water, and spraying the cleaning liquid into the oven’s interior for a complement. As a substitute, you can use baking soda to remove plaque that sticks.

In addition, the use of refrigerators must also be considered, once a week try cleaning the fridge regularly so that it can kill the bacteria that is lodged in it, and do not forget to organize the collection of food contained in the refrigerator.

5. Sleep quality improves because the room is clean

Dust and mites lodged in the home can cause various respiratory-related illnesses such as asthma or dust allergies. The room becomes one of the nesting dust areas, therefore suck dust from the surface of the mattress using the tip of the upholstery model every 6 months. And never forget to replace your pillows, bolsters and sheets, with a gentle washing method (using a temperature of 55-70 degrees Celsius for sheets) followed by rinsing, then drying, it is certain that all germs that stick to it will be destroyed.

6. Goodbye bathroom germs!

The use of bathrooms regularly makes you have to be diligent in cleaning them once a week. By using disinfectant and then wiping the outside with a cloth once a week, this method can help get rid of stubborn germs that nest in the bathroom. Neither happens with a sink and mirror, to remove plaque that looks sticking you can brush it or just wipe it clean again.

In addition, you should also pay attention to your bath towel, replace it after a week of use with a clean, also make sure your towel is dried in the sun to dry after every time you use it.