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What Are Eaves, Flashing & Other Terms Used In Roofing Estimates?

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What Are Eaves, Flashing & Other Terms Used In Roofing Estimates?


Roofing is not a thing most people believe about, right up until there is a challenge that is. As a final result, most owners usually really do not totally have an understanding of the estimates roof contractors hand them, leaving them open up to unscrupulous people who may perhaps get gain of this knowing they would not know the distinction.

Of course we just can’t reveal anything about your roof in a solitary post, but obtaining at minimum some understanding of your roofing process can support you have an understanding of your roof dilemma, and any ensuing estimate, much more plainly. Learning just a few of the phrases utilised can aid you enormously in creating an educated conclusion when it’s time to communicate to the professionals.

The pursuing are a few, widespread roofing conditions to know in buy to aid you comprehend the different parts of your roof and some of the services roofing contractors may possibly provide when they give you an estimate:


Most people know what roof shingles are. They are the personal, overlapping, normally rectangle factors that address most household roofs from the bottom edge and up. They are designed from different elements such as slate, asphalt-saturated mat lined with mixture (asphalt shingles), wooden and sometimes even concrete or clay. Out there in a range of colors and models, these are what most common household roofs in Metro Atlanta consist of.

Leak Obstacles

Leak obstacles are watertight seals we spot on the most vulnerable areas of your roof generally all over valleys, eaves, vent pipes, chimneys, flashing, and other locations. Generally any spot more inclined to leaks.

Roof Deck

The roof deck is the surface of your roof, underneath the shingles and underlayment, (commonly plywood or oriented strand board (OSB)) to which roofing supplies are applied.

Roof deck security is mainly referring to using elements these as a fiberglass felt or a artificial underlayment to increase an more layer of protection concerning the shingles and roof deck avoiding hurt from rain, ice, wind and/or moisture construct up.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation refers to how effectively air and dampness is circulating in your attic and is just one of the most critical aspects of a roofing program. Suitable attic air flow ought to preserve air circulating during the attic calendar year around, protecting against dampness establish-up and lowering power prices. Symptoms of inadequate attic air flow contain moisture buildup in the household and/or attic occasionally mimicking a roof leak!


Mainly the horizontal least expensive edge of sloped roofs, normally in which gutters are put in.


Flashing is a weatherproofing element of roofs. Largely comprised of sheet metal, flashing is put in together locations vulnerable to leakage such as about breaks in a shingled roof-line or all around chimneys (stepflashing), skylights, or other places. Put in correctly, they shouldn’t be noticed and will seal exposed regions avoiding humidity from coming into your home.


Asphalt-based rolled components intended to be put in underneath the key roofing materials for included security.

If you have any inquiries about these roofing phrases or other people, Ask! Being aware of additional about your roof will help you navigate roofing estimates as well as assisting you not get ripped off by anyone who can take edge of people’s ignorance. Understanding is electric power!

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