What is Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation?


Insulation is one of the most important facets of an energy-economical and at ease dwelling. As this kind of, it is very important you make sure you choose the right insulation. Every single home improvement contractor and their pet dog will have a unique impression on the ideal kind of insulation, but the real truth is, what is greatest is subjective (and typically centered on the type of products the contractor sells). We do points a minimal in another way at Home windows on Washington. We base our suggestions on our decades of encounter and success.

This article has been revealed for people researching the finest insulation alternatives,  exclusively concentrating on fiberglass free fill insulation and every thing you want to know about these insulation products. All set? Enable us dive in.

What is Fiberglass Unfastened Fill Insulation?

Initial matters very first: what is fiberglass loose fill insulation? Fiberglass is a pretty common and common insulation materials thanks to the actuality it is cheap, quick to set up, resistant to humidity destruction, and non-flammable. You can invest in fiberglass pre-formed as blanket batts and rolls, or you can get unfastened fill to make your very own insulating divisions.

Is Fiberglass Unfastened Fill Insulation Dangerous?

A frequent problem we are requested about fiberglass loose fill insulation is if it is unsafe. The actuality is, fiberglass is a dangerous lung and pores and skin irritant, which is why you must constantly use protecting gear when dealing with it. You should really hardly ever permit your bare pores and skin to arrive into make contact with with the substance. That is not to say you really should keep away from fiberglass unfastened fill insulation, but relatively just be exceptionally careful, and go away the installation to professional home advancement contractors. 

Is Cellulose Insulation Much better than Fiberglass Unfastened Fill Insulation?

It is crucial to be aware that diverse insulation resources work ideal in various applications about the dwelling. When it arrives to the best insulation for free fill in attics, we are frequently questioned whether or not cellulose or fiberglass loose fill insulation is very best. 

At WoW, we advocate borate only stabilized cellulose. Why? There are a number of motives:

  • Improved efficiency: The R-value of borate stabilized cellulose is substantially greater in comparison to loose fiberglass loaded insulation.
  • Eco-helpful: Cellulose is designed from recycled materials, earning it the much more eco-helpful selection.
  • Pest-deterrent: In terms of pests, borates are a person of the most helpful insecticides for your home.
  • No VOC: Borate stabilized cellulose does not comprise VOC (risky organic and natural compounds) information and does not offset fuel like ammonium sulfate stabilized cellulose or formaldehyde made up of fiberglass does.

Is there a draw back to using borate stabilized cellulose? Perfectly, it is generally a lot more high-priced than fiberglass loose fill insulation, but the advantages of making use of cellulose in excess of fiberglass make it a worthwhile financial commitment. 

When Should really You Select Fiberglass Insulation?

Fiberglass free fill insulation is currently dominating the building housing industry. Having said that, builders are at present below tremendous pressure to generate a lovely new house, but at the exact time cut costs and remain within a specific spending plan. Ought to you totally steer clear of fiberglass insulation? Not essentially, but you need to unquestionably be aware of the pursuing: 

  • Fiberglass insulation does not proficiently secure your property from bugs or pests.
  • Fberglass is a pores and skin and lung irritant.

Perhaps the largest worry when it will come to fiberglass insulation is that it is issue to convective air motion, which suggests it results in a massive degradation of the cumulative R-Worth. 

Essentially, it usually means although you as a homeowner have paid out for the Electrical power Star recommended R-49 in your attic, the genuine environmental performance of unfastened fill fiberglass is far more like R-25 or significantly less when you require it most.

Why WoW Chooses Cellulose Insulation Rather

At WoW, we think selecting the suitable insulation need to be based mostly on actual-everyday living efficiency, and not what is most wallet-helpful or what is most well-liked. That is why we use borate only cellulose for all of our unfastened-fill insulation tasks. Correctly set up cellulose insulation with targeted air sealing will in the long run boost the comfort of your property and considerably minimize your utility charges.

If you need aid with your upcoming insulation challenge, get in contact with the WoW group these days for a free quote. 

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