Why you should use social media on Apple products

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There are many types of gadgets in the world today. However, mobile phones have quickly become one of the most popular types of gadgets in the world.  Initially, the major purpose of creating mobile phones was for making calls. However, their uses have quickly exceeded just making calls as they have easily replaced several items that we had to buy independently before. Such items include clock/wristwatch, cameras and flashlights among others. However, even more importantly, we now use our mobile phones to access the Internet.

There are many things we do on the Internet that has resulted in many people being constantly online. One of such things is that we access social media on the Internet. There are many things that we do on social media that include checking posts from our friends, posting what is on our minds, advertising our products, or even working as a digital marketer for a company. Even though the computer creates one of the best views for checking up on our social media platforms because of the widescreen, the amount of time we can spend on our computer is very limited. Hence, we need something mobile that can help us access our social media platforms on the go. This is where mobile phones come in.

Mobile phones, apart from having browsers, have apps that are specifically designed to check our social media platforms. All social media platform have apps that you can install on your mobile phone so that you can use it to check updates from that particular platform. Hence, it is common to find people having at least 3 social media apps installed on their phone. Hence, they often switch between all 3 apps depending on the platform on which they have a message or update.

If you love social media or work on social platforms, you would want to have the best gadgets for operating your social media platforms. The 2 major options you will have to choose from are phones that operate on the Android operating system and phones that operate on iOS. However, iOS has been tipped to be a better option for accessing or working on social media platforms. Even though you can still get great usage for apps on quality Android brands like Samsung smartphones, the operation will be no match for Apple products.

One of the major effects of the difference between using social media on iPhone and using social media in Samsung is when you post pictures. Pictures posted from iPhone will be of higher quality compared to when the exact same picture was posted from an Android phone. Depending on the importance of the picture and those that are seeing the picture, would judge the picture differently, when posted from Apple or Android products, especially when they are more concerned about the quality.

The major reason why iOS is tipped to be better is that the apps for social media on iOS are believed to be more suited for the Apple operating system. Considering that it is only Apple that runs on the operating system, it is easier to create a social media platform and other apps that are perfectly suited for the operating system. However, when it comes to the Android operating system, several mobile brands run on the operating system. There is also the fact that some of the brands tweak their versions on the Android operating system. Hence it is difficult making a tailor-made platform for the Android operating system. The implication is that the social media platforms that you have on Android operating systems are often regarded as copies. Hence, they do not provide you with the same quality you will get from working with social media platforms on Apple products. If you want to enjoy the advantages of using Apple for social media platforms, then you might consider patronizing KRCS Apple Authorized Resellers as they are in the best position to provide you with the products that you are interested in.