How to make your Home a ‘Smart Home’

A smart home may sound like something of the future but it’s something you can create today. There are various smart devices that allow you to automate and remotely control things throughout your household, from adjusting the lighting and heating to roller shutters to home security processes like answering the door. In fact, smart devices are as varied and affordable as they have ever been, so it won’t cost a fortune to upgrade your house into a smart home. A popular option is to start with a few devices and see if how they perform, after which you can add other smart devices to completely automate and remotely control your home. Broadband internet connections mean that you can cheaply hook up these IoT devices to the internet, and control them when you are on the move through your smartphone.

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  • Smart Locks


Home security has been greatly improved with technology, with smart locks offering an affordable yet effective way to increase your security at home. While designs and functions vary, smart locks are usually designed to be completely keyless, letting you unlock the door passcode and/or smartphone. Being keyless means fewer security risks as you don’t have a key … Read More

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