How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Foundation?

Whenever a homeowner realizes that their foundation has a crack or two, the first thing they ought to be doing is looking for ways to repair it. The first thing that is most likely to come up is how much it’s going to cost making the necessary repairs. The truth is, the costs vary greatly depending on several factors. One of them being the size of the structure as well as the severity of the damage.

In retrospect, the cost of repairing a foundation can range from between $200 and $12,000 or even more. Also, foundation related problems are usually caused by several things, and since the chances are that the homeowner isn’t a construction guru, he or she would be better off calling a construction guru near them for assistance. Below are some criteria one can use to estimate the costs of repairing the foundation of their structure:


When all you need to handle are cracks on the foundation, then you should be prepared to spend between $200 and $800 depending on the construction company that you choose to award the contract. Of course, you are expected to work with the very best in your locality. For example, if you are based in Texas, Dallas, then you should contact the best foundation repair Dallas has to offer and award them with the contract.

Settling foundation

Whenever your foundation starts sinking, that should be a cue for you to call in the proverbial Calvary to come in and fix it before the entire structure goes down. First, the inspectors will go in and check the situation out. They will then do the leveling under the foundation. The latter should cost you between $400 and $4000 again, depending on the type of structure as well as the severity of the settling.

Foundation leaks

If the foundation is leaking, then the drainage in and around the house has to be taken care of first. After that, the construction workers will do proper waterproofing to ensure that no more water is finding its way into the structure. This vital repair process should cost you between $2000 and $6,000, give or take.

Repairing the basement walls

Whenever the walls to your basement begin bowing, then your first order of business ought to be calling the best construction company in your area and alerting them of the issue. To rectify this, the construction workers will have to reinforce each strip, making sure that the wall doesn’t cave in under pressure.

For reinforcement, it is often advisable to use steel because of two things; it’s durable and doesn’t corrode easily. The whole process should cost you between $400 and $1000 per reinforcement strip. Other techniques that might be used in the repair may include stabilizing, sealing, leveling and slab jacking, piering, and underpinning, each having a different cost.


As earlier mentioned, the cost of repairing a foundation depends on all the variables listed above. Therefore, in as much as making comparisons is essential, it would be in your best interest to focus on your situation. Different situations require different kinds of treatments. If you are having a difficult time coming up with the estimates, then it would be the best time for you to contact your local construction company for a quick quotation.

Most of the legit construction company do quotations for free. The latter is critical because it will give you the chance to mobilize your resources and plan for the renovations as soon as possible. The thing about cracking foundations is they continue to worsen if the situation isn’t rectified immediately. Therefore, the moment you notice a few issues, it would be in your best interest to work on them as soon as you can.